Monday, April 13, 2009

Marketing Monday: Word of Mouth

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." Oscar Wilde
A friend and I were talking today about how some people seem to get a lot of publicity and others get none. This conversation revolved around a couple of people who make a similar product as hers, but aren't as unique as her product. I told her "The more people get talked about, the more people talk about them." Like a popularity contest, it isn't necessarily fair or right but that's the way it works.

In order to get this kind of word of mouth advertising, you need to keep promoting yourself everywhere you can. Send samples, get any kind of endorsements you can from friends and family and ask them to sing your praises to all their friends. You could hold contests that get people talking about the prizes. You can donate to charity events, gift bags or raffle prizes to put your name and product in front of people.

You have to keep putting yourself out there to get people to notice your product. Also, be sure to talk about other people's products too and keep that circle of energy flowing!

To get the ball rolling, here are a few of my fave small businesses:

Alpha Stamps: They have SOOOOOO much artsy stuff I can spend hours making up a thousand dollar wish list of all the things I want!! Its hard to narrow it down to a $$ amount my wallet will handle. You'll find some GREAT stuff for crafting on here, check them out!

La Patisserie Jolie: My personal soapmaker!!! Jessica's dessert soaps are a real treat. I get a special blend made just for me, but also use and LOVE her red velvet cake, marzipan, snickerdoodle and macupuno sorbet soaps.

Junque Girl: Mandy makes some amazing little houses, you want to build your own village with. Also fantastic rubber stamps on her website

Aromaleigh: Where I buy my mineral makeup because its the only place I've found with foundation light enough for me (Ivory 1L). They have a huge range of colors for foundation from never seen the sun to lovely chocolate browns. Not to mention an amazing color palette of eye shadows. LOVE them, really love them-pray they never go out of business

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Dawno said...

Thank you for the link to Alpha Stamps. I promptly went over and emptied my wallet. It's going to be hard waiting for the package to arrive, I wanted to start making stuff right away!