Monday, April 06, 2009


Blue Ribbon Winner - mixed media necklace

Wow, a week sure flies by when you are laying in bed, wiped out from a crappy flu bug. I never get a cold but somehow always manage to have 2 HORRIBLE flu's a year. I thought for sure I'd make it thru the winter with out one, but oh was just waiting for Spring!

I'm finally at about 75% health and hoping tomorrow I'm 100%. I haven't done anything but sleep or think about all the things I wanted to do when I didnt' feel like crap. I have had alot of revelations and going over things in my head. Lots of "if they can do it, so the hell can I!!!!" sorts of things, and now I just need to put them into action. I have a TON of things to do, and need to organize my time better.

Also, I finalized a teaching gig that I'm super excited about! I'll be teaching a Theater of Dreams Shrine class in Lancaster, SC on May 23. I'll post full details tomorrow. Also, I have some other FAB news I can't share yet-TOP SECRET!!!! but it is thrilling me so much and I can not WAIT to tell you about it. For now though, MUM's the word!!!!!

I haven't had the energy or focus to blog so I'm a day late with the bead bloggers but there's lots of good stuff to read!

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