Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday's Jewelrymaking Tips

Here's a few random tips, that may help the jewelrymakers who read this blog.

Tip #1: Riveting goes ALOT easier with wire that is annealed first. A LOT easier, especially if you are just learning how to rivet!

Tip #2: as soon as you open a hew tube of jewelry glue (or any glue, paint, caulk or other sticky substances) -rub a thin layer of vaseline around the grooves. This will keep the substance gluing the lid shut your tube or container.

Tip#3: If you want to oxidize your sterling silver but don't have any chemicals, just head to the fridge! It's super easy and great if you can't wait for a liver of sulfer order. You just chop up a boiled egg and place it in a baggie with your silver for a few hours or until the silver has darkened to your liking then shine it up with some super fine steel wool or a polishing cloth.
This technique is not very cost-effective in quantity but is great in a pinch.

Tip#4: When working with resin there's no need to throw away the little measuring cups after one use. I have 2 that I mark on the bottoms in sharpie R on one & H on the other. R is the resin, and H is the hardener. I measure out the liquids in their appropriate cups, then pour into another recycled container to mix. Carefully wipe each cup clean with paper towel and store in ziplock bags. If you do alot of resin this saves a ton of little measuring cups!

Tip#5: When drilling a hole in something like baked polymer clay, plastic found objects, dominos etc....and you want to avoid splitting at the exit hole, mark both holes drill 3/4 of the way thru on one side then flip over and drill the rest of the way.

Tip#6: need to put a hole in a felt bead? Use a small brad or finishing nail and hammer it thru the bead. The hole will slowly shrink back down so you will need to do this right before you string them.

Hope some of these help!



I wish that I had employed Tip #2 to my E6000. I will definitely do that to my next tube of the stuff!

These are wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing.

Happy creating!

beryl said...

I agree-no more stuck glue tops! Thank you so much for the tips, they will be so useful.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks everyone! The vaseline tip is prob my fave LOL. I do it to every thing with goo inside!

CatHerder said...

Thank you thank you!!!! Ive been absent from the jewelry world over the past few weeks..cant wait to get my schedule back on track!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for #2 in particular! I *hate* that!