Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Afternoon at Tangerine

"To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed, That can make life a garden."~ Goethe

Today I went out on a business trip to a sweet shop called Tangerine out in Dublin. I went over to talk to Gina about some different classes I could teach and hopefully schedule a couple. It was a lovely day and the ride over on Bart would have been great, had I not been in the train car filled with 12 yr olds and 4 chaperones. All VERY loud but the culprits were the adults believe it or not.

Anyway, it was a pleasant trip over, and when I got to the store-oh my!! It's so CUTE!!!!! There was SOOOOO much stuff to look at, so while Gina looked thru the stuff I brought, I looked thru hers. Dresden, collage packs, vintage bits and bobs, CANDY!, vintage velvet flowers, tiny polymerclay babies, soaps, jewelry, aprons, vintage books, magazine, glass glitter-I could go on and ON! If you live in the Bay Area, you NEED to go over there!

Gina and I spent the entire afternoon talking about all kinds of things. I think we could have spent the entire day talking and I had an absolute blast with her. She'll also be carrying some Saints & Sinners Jewelry along with the other amazing jewelry she has in the shop!

And if that weren't enough fun for the day, I have three classes on the schedule!! woo hoo! I am super excited to be teaching there and will post full details soon. For now here are the brief class rundowns. The June class - Jewelry Alchemy: creating new jewelry from your bits and bobs, July Class- The Perfumed Locket: A bit of aromatherapy combined with a necklace or bracelet creation and for August- Jewelry Cold Connections. Gina will have the descriptions up soon, so be sure to check her website for details.

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