Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday moves in like a lion, out like a lamb.......

Glamour Girl Mixed Media Necklace ©Barbe Saint John

I found a bunch of jewelry today that I never put on my website or Etsy site. Some I had taken photos of while others were just put in the "take photo's of this stuff" box. I made this Glamour Girl necklace last fall for the KPFA show, but it never made it to the website. Bad me! Most need to have the photos redone so I guess I know what I'll be doing next week. I also made a couple more "Marie" bracelets this weekend=so cute!!! No photos yet, maybe Wednesday

Fleur Nuit ©2009 Barbe Saint John

I spent part of the day making earrings. Not these "Fleur Nuit" earrings though-they were found in the box of "need to photo" jewelry. One of gallery's that carry my jewelry, emailed and wants to switch out stock. All that has sold there in the last few months is earrings, so I'm making some to put in and pull out the necklaces. I'm also going to have a rack of $15-$20 sale earrings at Capsule/Union Design Fair for the budget minded. I am really hoping to make some money at that show. Fingers & Toes crossed!

Another morning I awake with a headache. It's the pillow. This same morning headache happened about 10 months ago so I replaced my pillow. I got a nice & expensive pillow that is memory foam on one side, down on the other. It was heaven for a long time, but the past month not so great. My newish and expensive pillow feels flat, so I need to replace it. Dang!

I am just about all packed for the workshop this weekend, can't wait! Everything is pretty much IN the tiny suitcase, I just need to double check then zip it up. I get to meet lots of online ladies in person and see the pretty town of Lancaster, SC-so excited!!! I got some info about teaching in Southern California but I don't think its the right fit for me, sadly. It's nice to get invited though!

And I'm a day late posting BeadBloggers-bad me! So without further adieu.......

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