Monday, June 22, 2009

Back and getting busy!

I've got an article in Belle Armoire July/Aug issue! The article is "Dragonfly Baby Necklace" and is available on some newstands now. I have another Dragonfly Baby necklace to put up on the website soon.

This week is ALL about catching up. I am FINALLY feeling ok after 10 days of fibro hell. I don't talk about it, because its been mostly managable the past 7 yrs however this past one was a doozee. Coupled with the new puppy and my Nephthys getting sick it was a HARD week. But today I'm feeing alot better and able to function 100%

The universe has other plans for me it seems. I was about to work on the website I got an email from someone letting me know it was down. Went and looked-yup its dead as well is my FTP so I can't even upload photos. CRAP! The service report says the server is down, they files are safe and they are working on it. I HOPE they get it back up soon!!!!! So if you went to the site and got a timed out message-its not you, its me.

So I'll go make stuff instead. I have a small pile of stuff to photograph, might as well add to it.
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Lydia said...

Sorry you were having pain issues. No fun. I'm happy that your art life is going so well, though. Yay!

Deryn Mentock said...

Love this dragonfly piece. Again, congrats! Glad you're feeling better...

HeArt Collective said...

very cool piece, barbe!

is anyone else tickled by the word verification "words"? mine says: swoofed... *shaking head* funny to me...

robin dudley-howes said...

congrats on the publication. Love your jewels.