Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jewelry Alchemy Class

Space still available in the "Jewelry Alchemy" at Tangerine in Dublin June 14th from 10am to 1pm. Turn your old parts into fabulous new jewelry. $55. For more details email me or call Gina at Tangerine 925-548-8447

We'll transform ourselves into glamorous alchemists as we meld orphan bits & bobs, broken jewelry box treasures and modern components into fabulous one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Bring your your old broken jewelry bits and bobs. vintage paper, photos, relics, rosary and medals, buttons, etc... Bring what ever is special and speaks to you as well as stuff you may not like but just can't "throw away", trading will be encouraged! You'll learn to look at your junk drawer with a new eye. We'll also talk about mixing old with new and making new look worn and aged.

These pics are some examples of how you can combine all those little bits of chain, beads, wire, broken jewelry and findings into some fabulous new pieces.

Students Should Bring:

Required Tools:

  • Pliers: Round nose, and flat nose or chain pliers (good to have 2 pairs of these flat pliers if you have them).
  • Wire Cutters
  • small sharpie
  • needle files (available at any hardware store for about $5-$8)
  • Treasures: Various beads, broken jewelry bits, single earrings, chain, lockets, metal beads, gemstones, pins, wire, charms, brass stampings, buttons, pendants, colored craft wire, etc... if you're not sure feel free to email me or just bring it!
  • Chain: Bring at least two feet of your favorite chain style. Old necklaces are great or whatever you have.
  • Findings: whatever you have - earring wires, clasps, jump rings, head pins, etc...
  • Clear Quick Set 2 part Epoxy like Duco (from hardware store)

OPTIONAL tools: IF you have them or WANT to buy them but not required:

  • metal hole punch (dick blick online, some local craft shops or online), center punch, hand drill/Dremel with metal and wood bits, wire wig jig, eyelet setting kit, bench block or small anvil

NOTE: I will bring a supply kit for everyone (wire, findings, goodies, etc...)and a limited amount of extra goodies for purchase, but make sure you bring your own unique stuff to work with too!

When you gather the bits you plan on using, bring some that you may not think you will use. It's better to have multiple options when creating, in this case more is more.

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Shari Replogle said...

Hi Barbe,
your class looks like so much fun! Thanks for inviting me. Alas, I am too far away , or I would definitely be there. Your sample pieces are beautiful.