Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nose firmly planted on grindstone, grind grind grind!

I've spent the morning, doing my favorite (insert sarcasm)- resizing photos and adding new jewelry to the website. I got 3 pair of earrings and one bracelet done and now I need a break! Going to the worktable and work on some swap stuff.

I also need to go over to Douglas & Sturgess today too. I've had it on my to do list and, have forgot about it for 3 days now. I want to get some quickset molding putty rather than making regular silicone molds and having to wait 24 hours for htem to set. Of course, if i had made the molds on MONDAY, they'd be done and useable today. Oh well better late than never. I love going over there anyway so gonna go put on a face and walk over. I might take DJ, since he won't bark at the guys like Bettie does. LOVE that they are a block away just wish they were open on Saturday.


susanc said...

Your workspace looks like mine! I've never made silicone molds or any type of mold, for that matter, but I have always been intrigued by it.

Michele Lynch Art said...

My least favorite thing is always the photos of my work and then the editing of them because I'm horrible at that part! So I like to put it off till the last minute lol.