Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Perfumed Locket Class

Another class to tempt you! This will be at the lovely Tangerine shop in Dublin, CA on July 12th 10am to 1pm Special price=$65 Email me if you want to be included!

Perfumed Locket Necklace
In ancient times, solid perfumes were the standard. You’ll love applying and wearing perfume this way! In this class we’ll create a lovely necklace with a hammered wire centerpiece and personalized locket holding a solid perfume balm.

We’ll talk about perfumes and aromatherapy, discuss make your own perfume base from scratch, and make a scented balm to fill your locket. I'll have a selection of perfume oils and some single note oils. We’ll also embellish our lockets, create the wire centerpiece then finish our necklace as time permits. Everyone will create their own unique style so this is both a project and process based class. You'll learn both by working your own project as well as how your classmates create theirs. This class is for all levels of jewelry makers, beginners are welcome!

Kit will contain:
A lovely Locket in gold/brass color, various items to embellish it with, perfume oils, perfume base, 18g & 26g wire in brass/gold color
Students Should Bring:
Full apron:
in case the oils splash on you.
Basic Jewelry Craft kit: sharpie, paper, ruler, pliers, wire cutters, etc....
Tools : small jewelry hammer (Michaels or Joann usually have them to set eyelets) & anvil or steel block. If you don’t have one = we can share
Treasures: beads or chain to complete your jewelry piece, various jewelry findings like clasps, chain, jump rings, filigree, beads, brass stampings, charms, cameos, etc…
Wire: 20 g is a good 'basic' wire for wire wrapping. Some gemstone beads are tiny and need 22 or 24 gauge wire. I'll bring wire in various gauges and metals. If you prefer to bring your own sterling, brass, copper or craft colored wire to use that is fine too.
Adhesive: Clear Quick Set (5 min) 2 part Epoxy like Duco (from hardware store), or E6000.

If you have any questions: please email me.

Note: I will bring some supplies for everyone and a limited amount of extra goodies for purchase, but make sure you bring your own unique stuff to work with too because its all about YOU! When you gather the bits you plan on using, bring some that you may not think you will use. It's better to have multiple options when creating, and sometimes the parts will come together in a way they like rather than what you pre plan.

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