Saturday, June 27, 2009

Polymer Clay Play Day

I finally pulled out my box of ancient polymer clay this week and did some playing around. Still usuable if a bit stiff to work with. Some things turned out great, others not so much. I love the way these 3, double sided soon to be beads or charms turned out. I used some old homemade texture sheets I created for a mica shift class I took with Grant Diffendaffer about 8 yrs ago. I'm glad I kept these sheets but now regret that I gave away most of the sheets now. I was a woman possessed after that class. I must have made 500 polymer clay beads, most of which weren't that great but I didn't care. I loved the process so much I couldn't get enough. I feel like making some right now, remembering it LOL. Back to the now- I need to seal these ones and can't remember if you use Future floor wax or car wax?? I need to see if I have any polymer clay books or make a run to Borders or the library.

This lot I did in the Pantera/Nunn Design Bezels I got a couple weeks ago. It's a different look than the ones in the top pic, these are gritty and steam punk. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep these or put them on Etsy. I have a couple for a project set aside but unsure about these 3.

I spent a bit of time doing some blog surfing this morning (instead of doing the work I needed to be doing!). I LOVE seeing other people's work spaces and all their stuff. I could get a bit jealous at the amount of room people have and all the COOOOOOOLLLLLL stuff they have to play with, but its better to be happy for someone than to be bitter. That got me thinking about a situation I'm viewing from a distance right now: Is someone REALLY your friend if they can't be happy for your successes? To often I see people pull away when a friend suddenly starts to make their dreams come true - someone takes an around the world trip,becomes successful with their business, or gets married, gets pregnant, etc......... Why do people get upset when a friend gets happier??? Isn't that what we should WANT for the people we love? There is plenty of goodstuff to go around, its not taking away from their happiness so what gives? Very strange to me. I think it brings up feelings of insecurity, self worthless, jealousy or doubt in some people when it really shouldn't. What someone else has, has no bearing on your life. If you want whatever it is that you are jealous of, go out and make it happen.

But on that happy note I need to walk the doggies and do some work myself!


susanc said...

Those are really nice! I think the Future Floor Wax would work for sealing. I know people use it to seal altered dominoes. Also, I've seen sealer made specifically for polymer clay at Michaels, I believe. Maybe even JoAnns if those are close to where you live. Good luck - let us know what you decide to use.

Bead-Mused said...

I love 'em, especially the bezeled ones. Yum!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks girls! I think I saw a bottle of Future under the bathroom sink. I'll pull it out later and give it a try!