Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day of celebrating our freedom. We are a country born out of rebels, revolutionaries and radical ideas/philosophies and we should NEVER forget that. 233 yrs ago we declared our independant nation to Great Britain who was none too pleased. "That's treason and punishable by death" Great Britain said. "To bad,we tired of your oppression and are going to be free, no matter what it takes." we replied. Our founding fathers did anything they had to do to be allowed the freedom to be who they are and live how they wanted. Today we honor that freedom and those who made it happen with fireworks, picnics, memorial celebrations and parades.

I miss small town parades. Where I grew up, just about every little town and village had a parade and anyone could join in thru some group or another. I remember tying red, white and blue streamers to my biccyle and riding in many a parade either for church youth group or 4 H, or getting to ride in a horse and antique buggy once. It was always super hot, and we kids were ready to drop out midway thru. but the thought of icecream at the end of the parade and fireworks in the evening kept most of us going on. I don't think SF has a 4th of July parade, but the week before we do have a HUGE Pride Parade which is a celebration of freedom.

We watched a small fireworks display at the ball park last night and know there will be a huge one tonight. I love fireworks, but the animals don't. It/s loud here and we are 4 or 5 blocks away from where they set them off. I can't imagine how loud it is in the apartments right by the Ball Park.

Today, we will be going spending the afternoon at a Chihuahua Meetup. DJ is now ready to be adopted, so we can show him off and let him and Bettie get some doggie playtime.

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Also, I still have room in the Perfumed Locket class next Sunday at Tangerine in Dublin, CA. Come spend a few hours making a pretty necklace or two! It's going to be a fun class and the store is filled with all kinds of tempting things to buy. Email if you'd like to sign up.

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