Monday, August 24, 2009

Oops, I did it again

Papillon Vert ©Barbe Saint John

I created a blog post and it sat in the draft folder instead of auto-publishing! ACK! Well, the info about going to the Urban Stitch show yesterday is now invalid, so I'm creating a whole new entry.

This past week has been full of getting new supplies, tools and making stuff. FUN FUN FUN! I bought some new wire cutters finally and they are HEAVEN! My others are so beat up and dull, these brand new ones cut wire like buttah! I also got a little beehive kiln, since I have been missing my big kiln. It seems to be less hot than the big kiln and I need to get back into my enameling groove but its great to have.

On Wed, I went over to Addison Endpapers in Oakland and loaded up on all kinds of jewelry goodies. I absolutely love Julie, Geneva and Marina, I told them they are the family I should have been born into. They are having a studio sale THIS weekend that you do not want to miss! Aug 28-30th. Three days of all kinds of vintage and antique goodies.

Yesterday I went over to the Urban Stitch show at Roe Bar. It was a gorgeous place with some great vendors but almost no traffic. I hope the organizers do alot more in the way of advertising for the next one, because they did an amazing job of selecting vendors and location. My friend Vanina was there selling her crafty apron tool belts, tshirts and hand painted scarves. I also went over to buy from one vendor in particular that I read about on the Urban Stitch blog - ROCO Modern Fabric Barrettes.

Morgan takes vintage fabrics and creates these super chic, modern, origami style barretes, clips and headbands. Her work is unlike any I have seen before. I snatched up a gorgeous hot pink, gold and green creation that I must post a pic of. She does custom work so I am digging thru my fabrics so I can get more made. I think these would be great for bridal wear too, she could make them to match the dress fabric! Anyway, these hair accessories are simply gorgeous and a STEAL at these prices. Go grab some before she becomes famous and they triple in price!

This week I am going to do nothing but CREATE! Well, thats the goal anyway, I also need to photograph, edit photos, list on the website, etc...all the not so fun stuff, but I'm focusing on the creating!

I also need to post some pics of the adorable Grateful Dogs Rescue dog we are babysiting for 2 weeks, Penny Lane. She was born with a deformed left leg and had surgery on her right patella, so she walks on her front two legs. It's amazing how animals adapt to physical limitations. She is starting to use her right leg again, so she'll be able to walk normal soon. Penny has the cutest little nutty face, and is so sweet. I know the right people are going to fall in love with her and adopt her very soon.

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kecia said...

that was a great blog post - felt like i was on a little day trip with you!

susanc said...

How fun! I hope you don't mind me asking, but what kind of wire cutters did you buy? I'm always on the lookout for good tools and can never have enough!

TesoriTrovati said...

Yea for new tools! I can't get enough...
Enjoy the day!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Kecia and Erin!

Susan, I'll do a post about my new beauties this week!