Thursday, August 06, 2009

Taking a break from tagging & pricing

Aren't we the cutest twins ever? Twins with different mothers & fathers, but the same birthdate.

On Tuesday I got to hang out with Kecia and her adorable son Dillon. We went to dinner and talked and talked and talked. If she didn't have to leave the next morning I know we could have stayed up ALL NIGHT talking! We also did a necklace trade, you can sort of see them in the pic. I tried to take a pic yesterday, but it came out blurry.

Not cleaning the bathroom mirror for a good 2 weeks in a very dusty apt will do that! Anyway, I absolutely LOVE it and you can learn how to make a similar in her class at Art & Soul this Oct. I have been secretly hoping she'd make one for me!

Specimen Necklaces ©Barbe Saint John/Saints & Sinners 2009
I have been busting my tail getting ready for the show this weekend. And having PMS on top of it all has not been helpful. I 've had some display malfunctions and it seems like I'm having to run errands every day to get something to replace something that messed up or isn't working right. URRRRRGGHH! LOL. But I have to set up tomorrow to this is it=what I have, I have to make do with. I've spent HOURS re-tagging the jewelry and putting on seperate tags with the wholesale price. I had most things tagged but had retail prices (in pen of course!) on them, but after talking to a few people that do a number of wholesale shows I was told its best to make it as EASY as possible on the buyers and re tag everything. People are frazzled walking a huge show and don't want to have to do math calculations in their head to buy merchandise.

So I sit for HOURS tagging jewelry, I'm now down to just necklaces. I swear the box is bottomless though. I must have 60 tagged with just as many that need tags. It takes so dang long to do.

I also need to print off my little lookbook/brochures tomorrow (late on that too). I won't be handing them to just anyone so I dont' need to make that many. I can start with 30 for Sat and see how it goes. I MAY also do some one page handouts as well. Yeah, I know thats a pipe dream at this stage in the game but I can dream can't I?

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kecia said...

thank you for blogging about our visit. it was so fun! i'm glad dillon was there to meet you, because we both enjoyed the evening so much. and you are right, i'm sure we could have pulled an "all nighter". so glad you loved your necklace. i wore my all weekend; showing it in judy's book class. i consider myself very lucky that you made me such a beautiful piece of jewelry. thank you for the artnsoul plug, that was sweet of you! best of luck at your show, i hope you pull in beaucoup bucks my friend.
love ya!