Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wire cutters & Hole Punchers Talk & Rock the Vote

I wanted to share my recent tool purchase with you all. My fabulou Swanstom wire cutters with big plush handles and super sharp blades. AAAHHHHHH heaven!!!
I was going to order these from a jewelry supply company when someone said "hey check ebay first". These I got from a wonderful seller on ebay and you can too right here. If you are looking for some, buy from him, you won't be sorry. These cutters are for larger gauge soft wire, and are a dream to use. I was using pre owned/beat up Lindstrom and Swanstrom cutters for smaller gauge wire. I needed to get new ones since they were already beat up when I bought them at a garage sale 4 yrs ago. They are too damaged to get repaired (tips missing, gouges, etc...) so I'll throw them into a box to use in an assemblage someday. I still use the hardware store ones for the steel wire though since steel will dull cutters quick.

My crazy super hero "plier breaking skills" resurfaced again. A couple of weeks ago I managed to break my expensive Swanstrom hole punching pliers! urrrggghhhh!!!

I broke the little post RIGHT off while trying to get a piece of metal off it. So upset at myself and I don't think that can be repaired. I love using these so I decided to get a pair of cheaper version pliers. I did so with a bit of hesitation, because I was sure since they wouldn't be as good as the Swanstrom pliers.
And I'm happy to say I was dead wrong about the cheaper ones, they work BETTER than my expensive ones did! You can get them at Objects and Elements or your local jewelry supply. I have the 1.8mm ones but am going to get the 1.25 ones as well.
Also, speaking of Objects and Elements I want to remind you all that voting has started on the Objects and Elements Summer Color Reader Challenge. Check it out because there are some really fantastic pieces of jewelry up! I had a really tough time picking just ONE to vote on because frankly they are all winners! Please go over and rock the vote!


TesoriTrovati said...

Great! I love new tools and I have always wanted some really nice ones. I will check out that ebay seller...and that little one from O&E looks interesting...I have a screw punch for holes, but that might be quicker! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin

kecia said...

thanks for the tool tuneup and where to get them. it's nice to have someone's opinion first before buying. glad you were the guinea pig!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Nothing like getting new tools! Thanks the write up on them! I will certainly give them a try! Have a great weekend! Michele

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

thanks Ladies!
Erin-I have the screw punch too, the pliers are handier for some things for sure!
Kecia-squeeek squeeks (my guinea pig noise LOL)
Michelle=you are so welcome

Stevie B. said...

I picked up the Swanstrom hole punching pliers for my GF to use at a class and am returning them next week. She found that the punch outs got stuck in the pliers and it was a pain to force them out (or else they would clog the hole).

How does the cheepo pliers compare with the Swanstrom in this regard?

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Hi Stevie, yes that happened with me too with those pliers. I was always using a piece of steel wire to push them out.

These less expensive ones haven't had that problem, and the metal being punched doesn't stick to the punch like on the Swanstroms either. At 1/3rd the price you can't beat them.

Jeannie said...

This is valuable news about the pliers. Rings and Things Bead Tour will be in my town next Sunday and in the mean time I'll check out my local craft store.

Andrew Thornton said...

I've heard that these were goodies! I'll have to check them out for sure!

Steel Cutters said...

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