Monday, September 07, 2009

I'm a Busy Bee!

Today is Labor Day, a holiday to take a break from working. But we artists never take a break, do we?

I've been working hard all week on photos and editing. Since I live in a loft apt that faces Northeast and our windows are in the recessed part of the building (the apts on either side stick out), we don't get any direct sunlight. I have 2 large full spectrum lights for taking photos but really could use a couple more. Anyway, I usually take 4 or more photos of each objects just to make sure I have one that looks good. Sometimes there are things I dont' see until I get it in Photoshop, sometimes its blurry, or weird shadow or cat hair sticking on it, etc.... So I take a ton of photos and it takes me forever to go thru them.

I went thru alot of them and put up a bunch of new necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You can see them on the "new items" page of the website. I've also got another pile of stuff that needs to be photographed, or rephotographed too. I wish I had a photo taking elf to do all this for me magically.

I've also been trying to put together some new class samples. It's hard for me because I assume that everyone already knows how to make everything. I assume you are all brilliantly clever and dont' need any classes! Of course, there are always people just getting started into jewelry/art making who want to learn. What I need is someone to sit here and say "THIS" would make a great class or "I'd love if you'd figure out a class for THIS". My brain doesn't seem to work that way right now. I need to get over it and put together more classes and samples.

I also sent in 2 show applications, fingers crossed. I have nothing set up for the fall yet. I've been trying to apply for a local craft fair, but the application keeps giving me an error message. I have emailed them with no reply-but it is the holiday weekend so I'll try again next week. I may have trunk show here in November too. Lots to think about, plan and do!

And now-Beady Blog Reading Time!

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Lorelei said...

You're work is so beautiful! I love this little photo collage you put together! how did you do that!??!
I hope you are also putting together your necklace start for the swap!!! Please feel free to mention this little project on your blog if you want. ;)

mairedodd said...

interestingly, i found that i worked even more this labor day weekend! got on a bit of a roll... it was a nice feeling! i am involved in the swap too!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Barbe I think we were twins separated at birth LOL! I'm reading your post thinking oh yeah I so hate taking pictures, oh yeah on the cat hair. Why don't they look blurry when you take them? it's only in photoshop...what we need is a photo fairy...LOL then you say you need a photo elf and all I can think is AMEN! LOL! If I ever capture one, I'll share it with you ;o)

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Lorelei, I will post about it soon! Wasn't sure if it was ok to talk about yet or not.

Mariedodd=no rest for the wicked I always say!! LOL

Michele=where ARE those dang fairies and elves!!!! I knwo they are out there somewhere LOL