Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time for Tea

It was a gloriously warm, Indian summer day in SF and a wonderful day to go out. I met up with Jessica and she took me out for a belated Birthday lunch at Crown & Crumpet. It's a gorgeous little tea cafe, filled with gorgeous things. Anyway, after a bus trip that took 3x as long as it should have we had a lovely afternoon. And I got prezzies!

I've included a closeup on the vintage Welsh pincushion, one of Jessica's new lotion bars (availble soon on her etsy) and this pretty bar of lush jasmine soap.

Afterwards, I came home and started making some earrings and cleaning up my work table. Been at it for hours but you really can't tell LOL. I realized this week, my ID expired and I need to go get a new one. Sadly you can't seem to make an apt at the SF DMV so I'm debating going over there tomorrow or Tuesday. I think maybe Monday might be a bad day to go over, since everyone may want to go on Monday and get it out of the way.

Rob and I did some cleaning yesterday and I filled up 4 bags for Goodwill. Why do I hang on to thick, chunky turtleneck sweaters??? Its not like I go snowboarding or ever visit anywhere that gets that cold. Off they all went, with the vintage stuff that hasn't sold since we moved in and a ton of fabric,patterns and yarn. Feels good to get rid of stuff I'm never ever gonna wear, use or even want.

I also put up a post over at Objects and Elements blog on my Tattered Garden Rings, go have a look here.

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sandileejames said...

Happy, happy belated birthday to my new friend Barbe! Glad you had such a special day!

Jessica said...

Wow, somebody with realllly good taste gave your some great presents! Ahahahaha!

Lille Diane said...

Thank you for sharing more wonderful bead artists. Now on to reading more about you~ Oh and happy birthday. I always say, "make it a month long celebration...after all it is a "birth month". Plus....always eat 2 pieces of cake--one for each thigh~ That gives you a balanced diet. =]