Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Crafty Start to the Week

This week started with art/craft fun and is going strong. Sunday was the Alameda Flea Market, where I got some fun metal things to work with. There was a bunch of larger stuff I SHOULD have gotten for assemblage but didn't. I was focusing on jewelry stuff, next month I'll get some larger art junque. My friend Shoshanah picked me up and away we went. She is great to go shopping with, we both like the same kind of stuff but have slightly different tastes so there is no 'fighting' over stuff. We would find something and say to the other "do you want this? if not I do." We had a ball and meet up with another art friend Vivian and we three were a force to be reckoned with. Shoshanah got a bunch of seriously creepy vintage and antique doll parts, some small some large. I don't like creepy big doll parts, only little creepy ones. She found a leg that was deflated and flattened in a pile, we both shrieked in horror at the sight of it. I can't wait to see what she does with them all.

Yesterday, Moe came over to hang out and craft. I loaded her up on yarn and jewelry to take home. She also created the necklace she is wearing in the pic, I didn't take a picture of it alone (darn me), but trust me it's really cool! She has an amazing color sense and pulled together some fantastic combinations of things to work with.

Her necklace incorporates large facetted grey agate nugget beads, copper washers and gears, a small russet facetted agate bead, and copper chain. The pendant is one of my "Home" series I did a while back, this one was rusty metal house shape with a bezel on it that has a raven sillohuette on top of vintage map. The combination of grey and copper is really cool and she did a phenomenal job with it.

I also realized that an older post I wrote up about and Artbeads.com bead seems to have simply disappeared. It is just gone, and I think it never even posted. Don't know what happened with that so I dug the necklace out to take more photos and do another post. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that the original post vanished because I decided to redo the necklace and it looks 1000x better! I'll do a whole post devoted to that amazing bead next.

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already. I think I will be spending it going thru photos and updating the website. JOY!!!

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Cindy Caraway said...

I'm so jealous of those finds! Can't wait to see wait you'll do with them - I hope you'll take photos to share :)