Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Hope you night is full of treats and not so many tricks.
Halloween is extra-special in our house, because we have two pumpkin birthdays to celebrate - Rob and  my kitty Neffie. Halloween is weird this year in San Francisco. I haven't seen ONE person in costume either yesterday or today. Usually theres a bunch of people who dress up to go to work, and should be alot of club stuff going on but its like everyone forgot it this year. Just not the same as growing up in a small town in the midwest I tell ya. We kids would LOVE going trick or treating then to the church for a cake walk. Also sometimes different towns would do trick or treat on different nights so you could go to one town on Friday night AND  another on Saturday night and be in a full sugar coma all of Sunday. There aren't alot of kids IN SF and definately not in our neighborhood and wonder if they bother with trick or treating.  The last time I remember someone coming to trick or treat was about 12 yrs ago. My room mate and I had all kinds of stuff ready for the 6-8:30 schedule, but no one knocked at our door. I left at 8:30 and when I got home my roommate told me he had a visitor.  He said at 9pm the "lone wolfman and his mother" knocked on the door. That kid made out because he got all the candy we had. I know he was one happy little wolf. 

Today we are having low key celebrations since I got a vicious cold I'm nursing. We've been the last couple of days watching various scary things on tv, Ghost Adventures Live,  40's and 50's scary movies and having a good time. Unfortunately my gift for Rob hasn't arrived yet, and thats a bit disappointing but he'll be so happy when it does get here its worth the wait.


SharonP said...

We haven't had one single ghoul knock on our door tonight, so we're watching Dracula and eating the trick or treat candy.

Glad you like my Aztec beads!

HappyDayArt! said...

We loved Halloween too when I was a kid. Now one is at a party and the other is wandering around the neighborhood with his doofus-y friends, none in costume. I had a tough day with the flu and sorry you were sick too. Tomorrow should be better right?