Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big News!!!

I've got a couple of great things to crow about!! First = I've got a project in the winter issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry - Tattered Garden Ring.  I got the issue the other day and am also happy to be included with such a talented group of artists including my birthday twin Kecia and online friends Deryn, Kristen and Richard Salley. I absolutely LOVE the photos they took of my work, they are GORGEOUS!!! I had also sent in another project that I made 2 yrs ago to send in for LAST YEARS winter issue but didn't send it in. It's a resin project that will appear in a future issue.  

I need to keep reminding my self to send things in when magazines put out the call. For years I didn't, and always kicked myself. Why didn't I??? because I didn't think it was "'good enough".  That's a familiar story we artists all seem to have. And its usually a load of horse manure.   Luckily I had alot of friends kick me in the butt over the last year and I'm conquering that particular inner demon.  Now I just need to remember to put reminders in my calender about submitting.   If YOU have had the same thought, make yourself do it. So what if it IS really awful (but I bet it isn't!), taking action is the real reward. Don't sell yourself short!

And Big News #2 is - I'm teaching 2 classes at Art Unraveled next year!!
The First is the Ancient Futuristic Steampunk Art Doll and second is It's Good To Be Queen Necklace class. The doll class is gonna be a lot of fun and I'm gathering things to bring with me for it. The necklace class will be fast paced but you'll learn alot about quicksetting resins and have molds and resin charms to take home as well.  I'm really looking forward to both of them, and will be putting up pages with info, supply list and FAQ's for students at the beginning of the year.

I also need to put up my latest Art Beads jewelry project, its with Swarovski elements and so luscious! It deserves its own post so I'll show you the Fuscia lushness tomorrow.



SharonP said...

Congratulations on your publication! My friend Barbara Lewis has an article and tutorial on enamaling in that same issue AND I'm so excited about taking a class from Richard Salley here in Las Vegas at the Art and Soul retreat. Your ring is just gorgeous, I am looking forward to reading your article.

mairedodd said...

this is wonderful barbe! it is going to be a great issue as sharon said... the ring is beautiful! and you really hit the nail the on the head with feelings re: submission - feels like you crawled inside of my head~
have a wonderful thanksgiving!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Congratulations Barbe!!

I just received my copy of BAJ today!! Your article looks amazing and I can't wait till I can sneek of to curl up and read it!!!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and please take time to create a lovely memory or 2!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Sharon! You are so lucky to be taking a class with Richard. He is amazing!

Thank you Pattie, The entire issue has some wonderful projects, I know you'll have fun reading it.

Marie: Thank you! Your work is amazing and you SHOULD be sending in submissions too!!!! I strongly encourage you!

Lola M. said...

Congrats, both are great news! Just remembering and actually sending in submissions is a huge accomplishment I think. I always think about submitting but I, too, wind up forgetting or thinking it's not good enough to publish. So big kudos to you for overcoming that!

Deryn Mentock said...

Congrats, Barbe. Very nice work!

missficklemedia.com said...

Barbe. You. Are. So. Good. Enough.

You are a huge source of inspiration to so many people. I am glad you conquered that inner demon.

So I am not the only one obsessed with sari silk? Your rings made me feel prettier just looking at them, I can only imagine wearing one!

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! Just catching up and wanted to say WOW, congratulations, this is gorgeous!! :)

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks ladies!!!! I appreciate all your comments!

robin dudley-howes said...

I love that ring in the article Barbe!