Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Bloated Bellies Day, Newsletter and

Hope you are all feeling well today and don't feel like this poor squirrel looks LOL.  This is what I call the day after Thanksgiving because we usually make so much yummy food and eat far too much. I didn't eat too much yesterday but Rob and the dogs went into food coma and took a nice long nap after dinner.

While they were napping, I took the opportunity to go thru some stuff in our closet. We only have one closet. Its a big one but still its the ONLY storage in this loft so its packed. I went thru some of my sewing stuff. I filled another bag for goodwill with fabric, patterns and clothes I'm never going to alter. I also pulled out some vintage bamboo purse handles to put on ebay and found MORE fiber. I found another bag of browns/naturals last week I though I had gotten rid of.  Oi Vay, its been over a year since I spun anything thing and I still have fiber coming out my ears.  I may keep these few pounds, because I'm thinking about making some hats but who knows.  I also put more yarn in the "yarn to sell bag" too. Not bad for about an hours worth of work.

I also finally sent out a newsletter for a special discount this holiday weekend. I've marked everything 25% off, from now until 11:59pm Monday night. I'm hoping this will entice people to buy and get a good deal. For local people, I'm vending next Saturday at the SF MoMA Holidaze sale at the SF MoMA Gallery in Ft Mason. If you're in the area, stop by. There will be lots of great artists with affordable gifts.

I may be wearing this dazzling pink creation next Saturday. sent me some AMAZING Swarovski crystal beadsin Ruby and Siam a few weeks ago to review and blog about.  When I opened the package I gasped, it was all so PRETTY!!!  I could really get addicted to Swarovski. I had bought some of the red coral satin beads a couple months ago and they are so much prettier than the less expensive Czech or Chinese crystals.

Anyway, inside my package were 14mm Ruby and 6mm Siam Round beads, crystal links, a baroque pendant and 2 volcano colored buttons.  The colors are SOOOO lush, rich and some of my favorites.

I wirewrapped the crystals with silver colored beadcaps and heishi for the necklace portion and added the siam crystal links. I used one of my own resin Rose Specimen pendants as the centerpiece and hung the Ruby baroque pendant from it. The color matches the pink red of the rose perfectly.

For the earrings, I used some 16g sterling wire to create a loop, wirewrapped the buttons in the center with rose colored craft wire and added 2 crystal charms to the bottom.  I usually make earwires but this time used commercial sterling earwires since I have a bunch sitting in front of me.  I think the set turned out really pretty, but then again I'm partial to these colors ;-) is having a 20% off (over $60) After Thanksgiving sale this weekend and always has free shipping. Visit the website for full details.  They ship REALLY fast and I'm always pleased with my purchases and review items from them.


Sheila said...

What a beautiful beautiful necklace you put together. I love what you did with the rose pedal. I may have to try that some day. I often want to preserve some of mine without them changing colors in time. wonderful

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, that's exactly how i felt after thanksgiving dinner!
your pieces are beautiful too!

SharonP said...

Okay, I can't stop laughin, that pudgy squirrel is dangerously close to exploding! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, and you have inspired me to clean out my closet...groan!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

I understand that squirrel's pain! Wonderful necklace!

Jeannie said...

Ah the Thanksgiving Food Hangover! Not Good!

I absolutely lOVE, LOVE love the earring with the crystals. Your designs rocks.

Moushka said...

Love, love, love the necklace and earrings! What glorious colours! Perfect with your rosebud. Great to see some bright coloured crystals. I tend to go for neutrals, must try branching out.

magic said...

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