Thursday, December 24, 2009

Craftsides's upcycled Gift Wrapping

Late yesterday my friendly UPS man knocked on my door and gave me a pkg. It was a fantastic set of upcycled wrapping paper & gift tags from from Craftside.  Great for use anytime with it's super cool orange and white retro designs on one side, and bookprinting on the other. I've already wrapped up my holiday gifts, so I'm saving these very generous sized sheets to use during 2010 gift giving.

The lable reads: The Story of Craftside’s  “Up-Cycled Wrapping Paper”

This gift from Craftside was created with the environment in mind. While the front of this wrapping paper has a cool, retro design, the back includes colorful images and text from our craft books. This is because our wrapping paper and gift tags are made from our printer’s scraps that are normally thrown away! This is how it was done…

The wrapping paper is made from the “makeready” of two of our newest paperback editions: Intertwined: The Art of Handspun Yarn and Sweater Surgery.   Makeready is the waste created as the printer calibrates the correct ink colors, “making the press ready” for the actual print run that will create the finished sheets. Usually, these 200-300 sheets of makeready are thrown out. Craftside used these sheets to make our wrapping paper.

The gift tags were created from scraps as well – they were made from the makeready of the paperback covers.

We hope you enjoy Craftside’s “Up-cycled Wrapping Paper.”

I love that all this paper is being used and not just thrown away. Also, I have yarn in the Intertwined book and it would have been really cool to see my yarn on the back of one of the pages, but it wasn't on the ones I recieved. I am torn as to which side to wrap with, cause they both are so cool!  

If you'd like to get some of this wonderful Eco Friendly paper for yourself, visit the blog and see how to win some. Also, they will be giving out these cool papers at CHA, Maker Faire, Renegade and other craft shows this year. If you are going to CHA Anaheim 2010, they will be in Booth #2144 stop by and pick up a sample of this awesome wrapping paper and check out the books.

Getting this made me think about my own recycled wrapping habits. I'm always saving bows and ribbons, keeping the largest and smoothest parts of wrapping paper to wrap smaller gifts later one, Attaching a charm or candy to the front of the package both as decoration and extra gift, etc.... Part of it is because I grew up poor and you had to reuse everything, but now I do it because I choose to not litter the landfills if I can help it.  I also like to use foreign language newspapers or comic strips to wrap gifts too that can be read by the recipient and recycled. My friend Kecia does AMAZING wraps with vintage fabric, vintage hankies and ribbons. You hate to open them cause they are so beautiful wrapped up. Having a beautifully wrapped gift doesn't have to add to our trash piles. It can be an exercise in creativity!

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Jeannie said...

I love craft paper, recycled, upcycled, eco-friendly, all of it. I have hoards of it. I would of past out if I received this from being over-joyed. The orange is wonderful.
But of course I'm going to check out the website and see if I can win some. Tee Hee.

One of the things I like to do with the paper is make beads and incorporate them into my designs