Monday, December 07, 2009

Dog Parties and Bead Bloggers on a Rainy Sunday

AirShips Ahoy! Necklace  ©Barbe Saint John/Saints and Sinners®

Yesterday I did a small gallery sale that I was hoping would go well. I was feeling terrible when I woke up, and pushed myself to go when I should have really stayed home recuperating. There were alot of lookie Lou's but very very few shoppers. ;-(  I sold 3 pr of inexpensive earrings and a $10 ring.  Not at all good for a 6 hour show and worse than I thought I would possibly do. There were a ton of people at Ft.Mason, but I don't think they were spending any money. Its depressing to do a show like this and sell so little, but I"m lucky because some of the vendors sold NOTHING that day. It makes you feel like you're doing something wrong, when things don't go well. I won't even go into customers trying to haggle on prices or openly saying "oh thats way too expensive" right in front of an artist.   It can be demoralizing and makes alot of people just give up.

I'm discovering that for ME- these small art shows and craft shows aren't my markets. I just don't appeal to the shoppers that attend them. I did really well at the wholesale show and have been talking to other people who seem very enthusiastic about my work and how they would do at  bigger trade shows. I always do alot of reflecting in December, looking over the past year and making plans for the coming one.  I am going to be looking at this and planning what I need to do to make it work right for me.

Today we had a little family adventure to a doggie party.  It was part SF Chihuahua meetup/part Christmas Party and part fundraiser for local rescue groups.  It was held in the gorgeous Hotel Monaco which is a pet friendly hotel in the city (HIGHLY recommend!). The event was beautifully organized, and full of happy little dogs and their owners.  Bettie was relatively good, but preferred to be held the entire time. I think she was a bit afraid of getting stepped on. Isabella was so wired, even though we exhausted her in the morning. But she behaved pretty well too, so after the first 30 minutes there we were able to relax and talk to people. All the dogs enjoyed eating all the jerky snacks and Puny Paws Organic dog treats put out for them. Bettie especially enjoyed my creme brulee, which I caught her eating as I was holding her but talking to someone LOL.

We walked home in the light rain and were completely knackered.  I had planned on getting some things done like cleaning up and doing my Xmas cards but a nap was needed more. I got the bedroom sorted, so it wasn't a complete waste of the day. I'll do some cards tonight in bed, and a few more tomorrow.

I also have some gifts to make and hopefully can start them tomorrow evening or Wed. Tuesday is out for crafting because I have a long dental appt and then going to Cirque de Soleil in the evening.

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I hope you are feeling better. Those are the kind of shows that make me want to crawl in a cave with my supplies and never come out again, they really drain the energy.

So jealous of the cirque de Soleil! (But not of the dentist)