Friday, January 15, 2010

CHA countdown - 1 week to go!

It will be here before I know it, CHA here I come!!!   I've got all my samples done and mailed off, my make and take supplies mostly gathered (darn forgot to get sandpaper today!) and my clothes pile started.  Now to make myself a fun piece of jewelry to wear and pin down the shoe situation.  Shoes are always the bane of my existance when going to a convention. I long for the non hurting feet of my twenties, that could take standing all day at work then dancing until 2am...Now its all about "what will hurt the least and allow me to be mobile for the longest amount of time?" and still look somewhat ok.  I'm also looking forward to meeting alot of people I've only known online as well as see friends I haven't seen in forever.

The tradeshow runs Sunday thru Tuesday.  I'll be working the Objects and Elements booth (#3708) with Susan, Linda, Jen and Kristen throughout the weekend. The Neo Victorian Steampunk make and take will be at the CPI/Rockport/Quarry booth #2144 on Tuesday from noon to 1pm, with supplies donated by AlphaStamps so come by and make a pretty for your hair!

Speaking of Objects and Elements, check out "A Charm A Day for CHA" on the Objects and Elements blog. For the next 5 days leading up to the CHA debut of  Objects and Elements new kits, you can see what the design team has done with our charms.   First up-Deryn who always does amazing stuff and today its me!  Here's a sneak peek.

I used the new brass charms along with some other Objects and Elements supplies and a few vintage turquoise beads and created a bracelet any Egyptian Queen would be happy to wear. The charms are  quality pieces that make your jewelry really stand out. I love this spike leaf one in particular.
If you can't make it to CHA, don't worry the individual charms are also at the Objects and Elements website right now although the kits won't be posted until after the show.

I've also been working on some jewelry for the SFIGF. I think I have plenty, then worry I don't have anything 'great' I just keep making. I have SO much to photograph, and so many photos to edit I can't even think about it.  I want to update the Saints and Sinners® website this weekend with a few of the new things. Never seems to be enough time in the day!