Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CHA Rewind Part 1 = A Crafty Wonderland!

photo credit Kecia Deveney

Simply put, CHA was amazing. It was a whirlwind of color, products, talking, networking and creating. I got to see, touch and try out so many new products and talk to so many people. As usual, I was too busy "being in the moment" to take anywhere near the amount of photos I had wanted to. Luckily I have  friends who were shutterbugs so I will be able to share some of theirs.  With so much going on, I'm to do 2 blogpots about it, one on the products and the other on the people.

 I saw lots of interesting products I want to buy now, as well as many that weren't my thing but cool nonetheless. The vast amount and variety of scrapbooking papers and products is unbelievable.  I'm not a scrapbooker but I saw a ton of papers I lusted after. I'm kinda glad I'm not into scrapbooking because we'd have to move someplace I could have a room or two devoted to all that gorgeous paper. I also love looking at how creative the booth displays were. Some of them were basic, some nice and some truly outstanding. Makes me feel extremely inadequate with my own little show display but these are certainly inspiring.

 Making Memories had this gorgeous butterfly panel floating above their booth that shimmered in the light. It was stunning in person. They also had a pink Vespa and helmet for people to use for photo ops - supercute!

Tim Holtz had his industrial touch spread across a few booths. This on focused on his product alone and was done up in a definately more masculine "swapmeet chic" style that I just loved. It wa a gorgeous booth with this giant vintage lugguage sculpture in the center of it. IF I had room for such a thing, I'd build one just like it!

Plaid had an absolutely gorgeous booth designed by Cathie and Steve with TONS of retro girlie eye candy. You can see more of this gorgeous shabby glam booth at the Mod Podge Rocks blog.

I Love To Create had a massive booth that didn't get any pics of, darn it. Trust me it was glittery and colorful!

and last but not least, Objects and Elements booth!!! I love the hand drawn banners as the background and display. Yes, you read that right HAND DRAWN!  There was quite a buzz about the products.   I spent a bit of time extolling the joys of ICE resin to the interested crowds that never seemed to diminish around the booth. I'm so excited for Susan, Linda and Jen because I know Objects and Elements is gonna be huge!

This is only a tiny micro fraction of what I saw. I wish I had taken more photos but am happy I remembered to at least take SOME rather than my usual none.
Tomorrows post is all about the people I got to see and meet!


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