Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wonky Week, Bead Bloggers and the Bead in Time Winner

I apologize for not picking the book winner yesterday. My week took an unexpected turn when my 17 1/2yr old cat had a seizure on Thursday afternoon and had to be rushed to the emergency vet. We first went to the SPCA who turned us away because it was after 4pm. I couldn't believe what was happening when they said "sorry you'll have to go to Pets Unlimited". Unreal!   Pets Unlimited is our regular vet but is WAY across town and I didnt' know if my cat would die before we got there which is why we went to the SPCA!!! We've had to go there numerous times before with emergencies, and NEVER before 4pm.   I guess they changed their emergency hours after they built the new hospital.  So while standing there crying  I remembered there is another Vet hospital a few blocks away and we ran there. 

SFVS was wonderful, numerous staff members came out to tell us what was going on, and how sweet she was even while in distress. They a bunch of tests, so she spent the night there.  She is home now, and we are awaiting some more test results to determine what is going on with her. While she does appear to have kidney deterioration due to old age, they think the culprit may be lymphoma.  :-(    I'm praying that isn't the case, but am preparing myself for it just in case.

Now I need to focus on the things I need to get done for next weekend's SFIGF show. I'm tagging and pricing jewelry today. I don't have as much made as I would like but it is what it is.  I will still be making some stuff this week like bracelets and rings. Those usually don't sell well, but with the economy they may do better at this show because they are a lower price point then the jewelry.   I wanted to create some big beautiful necklace displays this fall too,  but that will have to be a project for this spring. Styling a booth isn't easy for me, and I'm always looking at other booths for inspiration. I also need to create a setup that is lightweight and portable. I'd like to do some shows across the country and need things to break down easily and not cost a fortune to ship but still look really good.

Now its time to pick the winner of the A Bead in Time book!!!! Using to pick a number, the winner is --------- BAGLADY!!!!!  Congrats!!! Thank you to everyone for commenting and sharing your inspirations!

I still need to edit some pics for my People at CHA post. I am having fun, reading peoples blogs and FB posts and finding new pics via friends and people online. So while I get that all together for a future post, let me whet your crafty tastebuds with this weeks bead bloggers links!

A Bead A Day
Is it too early to "think spring" or will that make it get here faster? Lisa used her Soft Flex Trios in an attempt to hurry spring along. Jewelry Making
Are you ready to load up on some Valentine's jewelry tutorials? Are you even making jewelry for this holiday?
Art Bead Scene
Meet the pretty girl with lots of brains plus a whole lotta soul!
Carmi's Art/Life World
After a week at CHA Carmi chooses the sweater surgery necklace as her favorite event.
Cindy Gimbrone aka Lampwork Diva
Instead of biting her fingernails down to the nub, Cindy makes Grunge Beads!
Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie looks to the skies for the inspiration for some new cloud carvings
Jean Campbell
Jean met up with two very cool artists this week: Gorgeous wool designs (including wool beads!); wonderful women.
Jewelry & Beading
Cyndi is so happy that the third year of the Bead Journal Project has started. This year, she's making a bead embroidered bracelet for each month of the project.
Snap Out of It Jean! There's Beading to be Done!
book review by jean: here's a cool title, harking back to the 60s...Crunchy Granola Charm eBook by Yvette Doss !
Strands of Beads
Melissa creates a new necklace design using cute heart beads from Rings & Things.


Mary K. McGraw said...

I hope for the best for your kitty.

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Barbe! Thanks again for your generosity in doing a giveaway with the book! You are so sweet! Keep us posted on your kitty! We have two senior citizen doggies and I have been in your shoes. Hopefully they'll get her back on track quickly! :)

Boodoggy said...

What a fortunate cat to have shared 17 1/2 years with such a caring human. I hope all the best foryou both.

Shaiha said...

I sure hope that your cat is doing better. I lost my old guy last may and I am still reaching to pet him in his favorite spot beside when I am on the computer.