Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Avoiding work by indulging in Eye Candy - Calorie Free!

I'm busy tagging, pricing and packing. To take my mind off these dreary tasks here are a few photos of some of the Saints and Sinners jewelry going to the fair.  I'm taking a number of industrial, steampunk items like the 94th Steam Aeroguard necklace above.   Last summer the darker steampunk pieces were popular, so hope that will be that case this weekend too.
This is a group shot of a few prettier things. I'm a little worried I don't have any big WOW pieces, but hope my selection of jewelry will still bring buyers into the booth.

I'm also bring a small variety of bobbypins and fancy hair wear pieces. I want to keep them all but don't have the room LOL.  I love making these and I WISH I had those Hot Glue Gun Helpers by Cathie Filian while I creating them. I saw those nifty tools in action at CHA and I am getting a kit as soon as they go on the market.  I am going to make a few more today, and need to figure out a way to display them. I'd love to have some vintage hat mannequin heads from the 40's to put them on.  I'm also gathering up all kinds of pins and rings just to make sure I have some lower price point items. Many buyers have a much smaller budget this year and I want to have things that won't break the bank.

And in other eye candy news-I was my friend Kecia's Valentine and look at this lot of lovelies she gifted me!!! A handmade valenting box and inside was one of her gorgeous art jewelry necklace pieces made just for me!! Also in the package were Lolita glasses and a Marie Antoinette chocolate pop. I REALLY want to eat Marie's head but its just too pretty!

Being the good friend she is, she was helping to market me at CHA by wearing a
custom headband I made for her. Isn't she the cutest!

Here's a closeup pic of the headband. I used a small papermache kewpie doll and put on a banner with Kecia's business name LEMONCHOLY over it. It looks adorable in person.
I guess its time to stop looking at photos and get back to work. More pretty pics later!


kecia said...

oh my god, i 'm famous! i didn't know you blogged me! so cool. glad you liked my Valentine's goodies; you were a shoe in to be my Valentine's this year!

don't worry about your show - you will do great. i think the headbands will entice. i know mine is super sweet and receives many compliments!

Denise said...

I love your jewelry and I am sure everyone else will too. I love the blue necklace. Can I be famous to and get blogged? My blog is at
I have two key pieces coming out in the March issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, be sure to take a look.

proswet654 said...

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