Thursday, February 11, 2010


The Gift Fair is over and I am POOPED!!! I started it by having what I thought was a bad head cold, but quickly realized it was the flu AGAIN!!!! How do I get the flu THREE times in 3 months?? un-real! I don't know how I worked 3 solid days going from 6:30 am to 7pm, but somehow I did. My body is paying me back now but not wanting to do ANYTHING but lay in bed and sleep.

The good and the not so good of the weekend:  First that not so good-  the fair was slower then I anticipated- a huge bummer.  I guess buyers are still a bit timid about spending and even a couple of my regulars only bought a couple things. I did ok, but not as well as I had hoped/planned. Also, a number of people said "love your stuff but our customers aren't sophisticated enough for it". I don't get that, but thats their decision to not educate their customers.  One woman walked by my Dragon Fly baby necklace and said "LOOK at that! its so WEIRD!!!!".... Then she saw me, and quickly scooted off LOL

I did have a number of people who DID get my jewelry and love it. That makes me very happy.  I got to meet alot of great people, that's alway a plus!  Also, I gained SO MUCH information from my fellow vendor neighbors about how to set up things better, tips on other shows and suppliers, etc... Everyone was super nice and ready to help the "newbie" out. I thank them all for all their help, suggestions and support! I also realized a few things to do another wholesale show better and make writing orders up quicker.  For example: paper hang tags -bad idea, having 100 pair of earring in different prices and names -bad idea, drawstring chiffon bags - great idea, how to do some better displays, etc...  I also realized my prices were way too low in comparison to all the other jewelry designers there, thats a REALLY bad thing.  REALLY bad! My more "arty" necklace pieces sold more than the simplier ones and rings didn't sell at all.

 Overall, it was a good experience, even if I was too out of it to fully enjoy it.   I plan on doing the show again this summer but want to share my space with another artist.   I am looking for someone that does like vintage journals, cards, altered bottles, artwork or even bags/pillows/hats, etc.... to split the booth cost with. I can't think of anyone I know who would fit the bill or doesn't make jewelry so I may have to do a call out on some of my art groups.  

I will be taking some time next week to figure out a bit more of how I want to go forward this all. I was taking a bunch of notes during the show and need to sort them all out.   I think I am going to be clearing a lot of things off the Saints and Sinners website and move it over to my dusty Saints and Sinners Etsy shop. I want to give my website a more cohesive look and that will be a good start.  I am also going to be destashing a bunch of supplies to make room for things that I actually use.  I will move those to my destash Etsy shop, where I have a few beads, art yarn and the E3 etching system up currently. I'm suprised the etching system hasn't gone yet, its great! And of course, my never ending photo taking chore is waiting for me. Where is that photo elf????

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mairedodd said...

get lots of rest... it is always so nice when someone 'gets' your jewelry... you know what you make and why it is special, but having a couple of people say it out loud can be a boost when you are at a place where others look quizzically at your creations... my daughter has started coming with me and we now approach the shows as people watching events... takes a bit of the edge off! feel better -