Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Change is in the Air

Yesterday, I ran away from home. Not far, mind you but I needed to get out of the loft and go somewhere OTHER than the SFVS Emergency Hospital.  Don't get me wrong, SFVS is a wonderful facility, with caring staff and I HIGHLY recommend it for pet emergencies and specialy services if you are in the Bay Area. I just needed to do something a bit more positive.   So, I got on a train and took it down the peninsula to Michaels.  Unfortunately I forgot my cellphone at home so had nothing to listen to on the ride down, thankfully I took a notebook with me and jotted down some ideas about my booth setup for the gift fair.

For being 2pm on a Monday, the store was busy....ESPECIALLY the jewelry section! I thought I'd be able to leisurely look thru everything, pick and choose, etc... but NO! There were people in front of EVERYTHING I wanted to look at or get LOL. I grabbed thru and over peoples heads to get stuff. I got some of the Industrial Chic line, but a good portion of it was empty! Good for Susan, bad for me! Also they didn't have any Beacon Glue other than Fabri-Tac. I am looking for the stuff I used at CHA I think it was 3-1? Anyway, I wandered around the entire store, going up and down every busy aisle just looking at stuff.  As I came out of Michaels, I could see the train pulling away. URRGGH! they only run once an hour and without my phone I didn't know what time it was. Crude.....so I had an hour to sit in the wind and think over more things going on. 

Last night, I went thru some blogs I like to read but haven't kept up on in a few months. As luck would have it, one of my favorite blogs: Christine Kane.  She had a post about reinventing ones self.  It's an excellent read and one of her points in particular hit home with me.  In action point #3- Slow Down to Speed Up-she said "I said NO to the good so I could say YES to the Great." and referred back to a previous blog post titled "Good vs Great"..  Lightening bolt of clarity - I wish I had read this when she posted, I think it would have saved me a couple of months of stress. Her blogpost sums up exactly how I've been feeling and unable to fully put into words.... We are all feeling the crunch and when you see there are straws (opportunities) to grasp, you grab them!  I have been guilty of  what she calls "at least I have something” mindset.   I was grasping as many paper straws as I could which are nice, but i really want that one huge, lush,  bright curly Silly Straw.  I am glad to be reminded of that.

I also spent some time yesterday soldering and turning bezels into links. I want to incorporate more handmade findings into my necklaces, but the boutique ladies LOVE the lobster clasps.  By creating these, I can have the loop part of the closure at least be handmade and unique. Somehow, I turned my pickle into a weak electro plating solution and all my brass and sterling have a light coating of copper. Time for a fresh pot of pickle! I think I'll make a seperate one for copper now so I don't have this problem again.  I sanded some of them but left the others as is.   I would like to pour resin  into the rest of these today but as usual it's raining and humid so I may put it off until tomorrow. I suppose I could do some more soldering today and have a tidy pile of them ready to go later this week when it stops raining

Also this week, I'll be doing a giveaway of a jewelry making lot - I pulled out some silvertone components, pearls and a french resin pendant piece along with other beads to give away! Keep an eye out for that on Thursday!


Sherry said...

When I read this post, I had just finished signing up for Kellie Rae Roberts eCourse on growing a successful art business.
After reading it, I spent a LOT of time on Christine Kane's site.
Thank you.

susanc said...

I'm glad you were able to get out yesterday. A change of scenery helps! Love the bezels! Do you mind me asking what type of solder you use on them? I'm interested in adding links to some I have and haven't ever soldered brass or copper, only sterling with a butane torch - nothing big.

Have a good day.

Karen said...

Love the bezels! I was in my local Michaels drooling over the Industrial Chic line as well.

I work for Beacon Adhesives. Can I be Santa Claus today? I would love to send you a bottle of 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue. Just send me an email to Karen@signaturecrafts.com.

Sorry Michael's was out of stock. The 3-in-1 and Zip Dry are flying off the shelves. Thanks for the Beacon love!

Carmi said...

I keep checking in hoping that things are settling down a little for you...here's hoping you have some real quiet time soon.

Radu Prisacaru, UK Internet Marketer & Web Developer said...

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