Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting my Industrial Chic on!

"You're Number 1!" Necklace.
Check out the Objects and Elements blog to see how I got my Industrial Chic on.  I am the first of the Objects and Elements design team to have some of my Industrial Chic™ by Susan Lenart Kazmer™  designs showcased on the blog.  Over the next week or so, you'll be able to see what the other girls did with their Industrial Chic components.  

 I thought these #1 resin pendants were especially pretty. I created this pretty little necklace with with iridescent chiffon ribbon, pink sari ribbon and a pink quartz bead.  Simple, sweet and thoughtful, it would make a great "just because" gift for your BFF or anyone you think is #1 in your life.
I love everything in the line and had a ball playing with all the components we got. I couldn't wait to go to Michaels earlier this week and see the complete line and get a few (alot!) more things to work with.
If your local Michael's store doesn't have the components yet, talk to the manager. Let them know you WANT to get the Industrial Chic products and ask when they will get them. Having been a retail store manager in a past life, I know sometimes stock doesn't get put out as quickly as it gets in.
I apologize I am late about posting my giveaway.  I still need to take photos of my giveaway lot. Yesterday went awry with a myriad of commute delays and I spent more hours commuting to my errands then I did actually doing them. I'm going to take photos now, and will post the giveway tomorrow!


Traineeship said...

That is beautiful. It will make a great gift. Thank you for the idea.
Have a great day!

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