Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Playing with fire and making new friends

I have been playing around with torchfired enamels. I got into enameling about 5 or 6 yrs ago with a class at Beadissimo (RIP) with the uber talented Steven James. I came home from that class with a few enameled bits of copper and a deep lust for enameling. I had to get a kiln, and talked my husband into an early birthday gift. I enameled so many things with that kiln. I loved it.

After moving to this apt with no ventilation and no place for my kiln, I sold it to a wonderful PMC artist. I have kicked myself MANY times since letting it go, especially since copper and bronze clay came out. But most often when I would go thru my enameled pieces. I missed watching glass melt onto metal. Last year I bought a tiny beehive kiln. It works fine, but the size is limiting and it takes longer to fire a piece than the kiln.  Recently I was turned onto torch enameling and decided to give it a shot. My first attempts were less then stellar to say the least LOL.   I'm still learning  but I can get my fix now of glass melting on metal. I did these pieces this past weekend. Its fun to see what the enamel will stick to and what it won't - you don't' really know until you try it. 

I made these pretty earrings with some of the pieces  I enameled. I even got busy and just put them on my website. 

 I also took a BUNCH (over 240!) of photo's today and have a week full of photo editing waiting for me.  Yay.......................(insert mopey attitude here)

ON a happier note, my friend Maija is looking for more friends. And to entice more people to friend her she is going to give away this lovely apron when she reaches 200.  Isn't it gorgeous!
So if you want a chance to win it, go over to her blog and enter!


affordable jewelry making tools said...

those are geary earrings indeed! lol... but its fabulously fantastic! I wish there are classes on how to make jewelries in our country.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks! What country are you in? There are classes almost everywhere nowdays.

Cyndi L said...

Barbe, I love the look you've achieved with the enamel! Looking forward to seeing lots more gorgeous "experiments" :-)

Jeannie said...

I love all the pieces in the first photo and the earrings rock.

Have you taught an enamel classes because this looks way fun and highly addicting.
Any plans for classes in the Twin Cities area?
I know you'll be in IL on August.

Pretty Things said...

Love them! I love enameling but haven't done it in a while. The gears are AWESOME!

Initial Charms said...

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