Monday, May 24, 2010

Shifting Gears and Getting Back On Course

It's been a really tough week. I've spent alot of time tending to my very ill cat and mulling over the events of my life the past couple of months. I'm a big believer in Intention/Manifestation, Law of Attraction and plain ol' positive thinking.  Most of the time, I'm in the zone and can go with the flow. Sometimes, I fall out of the mindset and get sucked into being negative.  I fall back into focusing on the negative rather than the positive, focus on the problem rather than the solution.   I realized I made some decisions I though were good, but that weren't really in my best interest.  By focusing on things that weren't truly are in my best interest, I inadvertantly knocked myself off my course.

My friend Margot recently wrote on her blog:  "Either you're an extra in someone else's movie, or you're the writer, director and star of your own show ".    It's so simple yet so profound.  Am I creating my own life or doing grunt work for someone else? hmmmmmm  I'm taking this week to shift gears and refocus. I've let alot of things go by the wayside that should be priorities,  Lesson learned, now its time to get back to work.

Tonight however, its blog reading!! I haven't spent enough time on my own blog or looking at anyone else's the past few months. I've missed out on all kinds of news, swaps and fun stuff.   I also want to send out a huge congratulations to all my fellow bead bloggers who made it to the finals of the BEADSTAR competition!! Well Done!!

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Spirited Earth said...

i am sorry about your sick cat..very worrying.
your post so mirrored what i had been thinking this last week..
it's easy, i think, find yourself playing bit parts in other peoples life movies and get derailed from your own path. it happens so easily and quickly that while you feel something isn't right, it may be awhile before you realize that you're not doing what is best in your own life.
The Holiday is a movie where one of the characters is asked "are you playing the best friend or the leading lady in your life"
..very thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope your kitty is ok? I have three kitties and I totally understand the concern. Prayers with you. Marcy

PS: I love the movie director quote, that is so true.

Diana Laurence said...

I'm sad about your cat, too, Barbe! I have three and I love all cats everywhere. I do hope things take an upturn for you soon...heaven knows you have a great attitude and outlook!

HeArt Collective said...

i am totally feelin' this vibe only its about picking a train and riding it out... i have so many projects on my work table that i am a distraction to my own self! LOL

i haven't updated the blog much, i haven't done as much marketing as needs done and i haven't moved things along as steadily as is typical for me...

time to shift gears and get back on track!
thanks for the poignant post.
p.s. i hope kitty continues to do better and better :)

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks everyone, Pearl the cat seems to be slowly improving. Fingers crossed, she'll recover completely from all this mess.

Spirited Earth-Its so true, its easy to veer off course and not even know it for weeks, months or sometims years. Luckily, my internal compass said "wrong way" sooner than later. I am grateful for that

Marcy and Diana, thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your thoughts and concern.

Julee-It seems to be happening to alot of people right now. Perhaps ask yourself which train will truly make you happy, fulfill your goals and dreams and 'feels right'. Then jump on and see where it takes you, its always easy to get on another if you need to.