Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Mail Day

Polymer Clay Creations by Amber Dawn ©2010 AmberDawn. Photo ©Barbe Saint John
Attention: Cute OVERLOAD!

I got a sparkly little suprise package in the mail today from Amber Dawn. Thank you SO much Amber!!! It certainly did perk up my week (month!). I love it all, and look-she put my name on a bead too!!!

LOOK at how tiny she makes her mini confectionaries. It boggles my mind and I am so intrigued by them.

I put the wee slice of Red Velvet Cake on the quarter so you can see how little it is. I can't slice a NORMAL sized cake this clean and even! And the tiny lemon and orange slices with SEGMENTS!!! SQUEEEEEE I'm in cuteness overload! To see more of her amazing work, check out her blog. She does sell her creations too, so if you are interested email her and ask!

In other news, I've opened an Artfire shop to sell some of my jewelry making supplies - both commercial and ones I've made. I have some in my Etsy shop but get very few sales from it. I am hoping Artfire will be better since its a smaller site. I plan to finish and send a newsletter this weekend. It will have a juicy coupon AND a freebie with order info, so if you aren't subscribed enter your info in the box at the top left of the blog.

I've been a poor blogger for a while and I'm trying to do better. I enjoy blogging, sometimes life gets in the way. The past couple of months have been "challenging" to say the least. We've had one trauma after another in our lives almost every day...... I don't talk about it much because I don't want to attract anymore energy to the chaos. I try to focus on solutions rather than problems, and keeping my eye on goal, not the obstacles. The past week has been slowly getting better, for which I am VERY grateful.

A major part of our stress this past spring was my husband getting downsized. The salary cut makes it unable for us to live in this apt for very long. Looking for a decent/affordable/dog friendly place in the Bay area has been majorly depressing as well. My own business (like everyone else) has been down too and that doesn't help the situation. With our budget we were going to have to give notice at the end of the month, and as of yesterday we STILL hadn't found anyplace to move to. Our plan B was to try and decide WHERE else outside of the Bay area we could/would want to live. Yet MORE stress.

Today, the financial gods smiled upon us and we will be able stay in this apt until the end of August. I am SO relieved, I can't even tell you. Now we don't have to scramble to decide where we are going to move within a month. I think that more than likely out of the state, unless some miracle happens. I'm ok with leaving California now. Two years ago you couldn't have gotten me to move away from SF for any amount of money, but now I'm ready to embrace a new adventure. I would love to stay someplace warm, but living somewhere less expensive with more room and the ability to SAVE some $$$$ is definately more appealing.

We'd love to live in a cute walkable suburb with good public transportation. I want to have a place with room and be able to have people over & socialize again. We'd also like to have a little yard for Bettie to enjoy. Can't get that in SF for less than $3000, and in most of the area for less than $2200 (way out of our current budget) We're researching different places, and keeping an eye out for the sign to show us which way to go.

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Pepita said...

I am sorry to hear about your husband being downsized and you guys having to move.

When on my way to Beadfest in Santa Fe some months ago I had an interesting conversation with the driver of the shuttle service. He retired from Georgia to New Mexico. He really wanted to move to CA but it was way too expensive. He loved NM. Maybe you'll love it too....