Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Multiplication in Today's Economy

Charlotte Cabochons ©Barbe Saint John

I recently took an E-class with Laura Bray about creating multiple streams of income. With everyone being cautious with their $$$, its a good idea to find multiple ways to bring in more. The class was short and sweet but helpful.  I would love to take another intensive one now to see more of the possibilities that are available.  I'd love a more intense workshop about it.  This class was a great starting good push to get me to think about how artists/crafters can create more income.

I've already been doing a few things to "cast my net wider" but haven't kept up on it as I should.  I let alot of  things go by the wayside for various reasons both good and bad.  With all the uncertainty going on in our life right now, the one thing I have control of is my own productivity. A couple of months ago, I had to take a hard look at things going on and refocus my energy where it was most needed emotinally, financially, spiritually and creatively.  I had to take some big steps and some baby steps to clarify what I wanted and needed in both my personal and professional lives.   Getting back on track is priority #1.

Along with refocusing on being a productive artist and functioning human being, I've opened an Artfire shop .  I'll be listing a bunch of my handmade jewelry components. I love creating unique pieces to use in my jewelry and art, and often get asked "where did you buy this component?" I love creating them almost as much as making the finished jewelry pieces.   I have an Etsy shop for some destash supplies, but that shop seems to get lost in the sea of other listings.  In the Artfire shop,  I have a number of things up including the Frozen Charlotte flatback cabs pictured above and this statement steampunk pendant.  I'll be adding more this week as well.

I'm also making a list of things I want do do AFTER my jampacked month of selling and teaching in August. I can't/don't want to start anything now that I'm going to have to put to the side for 5+ weeks.   Also we'll be moving (somewhere) in September so Fall will be a great time to start afresh with some projects I've been wanting to do for at least a year. We are now embracing this life change of having to move away from SF as the opportunity for adventure. We don't know where we are headed, but we are looking forward to starting a new chapter.   I will miss San Francisco, but the universe says it's time to move on and grow elsewhere. A couple of years ago I would have fought tooth and nail to stay here, but now I'm ok with moving away and looking forward to the new adventure.


WondrousStrange said...

Life is an adventure....and you will do well...because you are open to possibilities!!! Much happiness and productivity in your new adventure!!!

Barbara Lewis said...

You've definitely taken control! It's so easy to be in a reactionary mode than in a proactive mode. Can't wait to see where you'll land ... I'm sure you'll end up loving for all its new qualities like you've loved S.F. I hope you'll keep us posted on your experience with ArtFire!

Cyndi L said...

With so many transitions coming up, remember to be kind to yourself, Barbe! The e-class sounds like one we should all consider :-)

WindandHoney said...

Hey Barbe. I've written to you over at Creative Souls about our swap. I was worried when I didn't hear from you. Its good to see you're here and ok. I'll wait to hear back from you about the swap.


Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks ladies!
Elizabeth=I was finally able to get into the NING group so just sent you a couple of emails!

Dawn M. Lombard said...

I completely relate to you post. No one likes uncertainty - it just stinks!

kecia said...

i can barely keep up with what i am doing now; that's what is so frustrating - is all the time and energy it takes to be an artist. creating, photos, listing, preparing, teaching, deadlines, blogging - yikes! i don't know how some of these people do it all!