Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Best Necklace ©Barbe Saint John 2010

            I feel like this woman in this dauggerrotype; frozen in time, waiting. I know this is just a holding pattern, but sometimes it feels like Limbo. I'm ready to get moving. I do what I can and keep focused on the end goal. I've been gathering a pile of stuff for the fleamarket and made a few more things for the shows.

            Going thru stuff for the fleamarket, makes me wonder WHY I keep some of the things I do. Things I've had on a shelf and not used in 3 years like purses, but when I pull it out I love it. I use to have so many purses but kept editing the 'collection". Now, I'd rather have a few that I really love than 100 that I like. Even though I like the super long 50's blue vinyl rocket clutch, I don't LOVE it or need it. And I think I used it 3 times in 19 yrs so I really don't need to move it again. Honestly, I'm happy to let it go on to some other retro person to love and use.

            Today, I spent some time going thru more stuff and pricing jewelry for the SFIGF. I am also pulling out stuff for Art Unraveled and CREATE. I realized the other day that I need to figure out some different displays to use for Art Unraveled because I fly there 3 days after SFIGF. I will need to ship my supplies there before SFIGF show. I'm also looking for a helper at AU Vendor Fair so if you are interested, please email me!

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          Jen Crossley said...

          Love your work Barbe,I love the thrill of the chase to find goodies

          kecia said...

          now i know we are so much alike, i couldn't believe my eyes that you made a necklace from one of the old daguerreotype photos as i just worked on one myself a few days ago ( i swear i hadn't seen yours yet!)