Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Review: Stamped Metal Jewelry - Lisa Niven Kelly

Stamped Metal Jewelry: Creative Techniques & Designs for Making Custom Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly

Metal stamping not only a hot jewelrymaking trend, it's fun too. Lisa Niven Kelly (creator of the online Beaducation workshops & website) has been teaching and sharing her knowledge of stamping for more than six years. Luckily she is sharing her vast knowledge with everyone who can't make it to a class in her newest book -  Stamped Metal Jewelry.  By using metal stamps and blanks, you can personalize your jewelry designs with words, textures and your own creative design. While stamping is a simple technique, the right tools and skills will help you create really amazing work.

I recieved of copy of this book from Interweave Press just before I went off to Art Unraveled. I didn't even get the chance to look at it until I got home.  Stamping is something that seems simple and easy until you try to stamp a word onto metal without proper instruction.  It's NOT pretty I can tell you from personal experience.

As well as learning how to stamp metal, Stamped Metal Jewelry teaches wirework, texturizing, oxidizing  and metalsmithing skills such as dapping and riveting,

The book starts with sections on tools and metal techniques. This section alone is so extensive it could be a standalone mini book. It's a great reference guide whether you are a beginner or professional.   There are nineteen projects in the book by Lisa and well known guest artists Tracy Stanley, Kriss Silva, Lisa Claxton, Kate Richbourg, Janice Berkebile, and Connie Fox.  The projects run the gamut from stamped beads and cages to necklaces, bracelets and rings. EVERY project is outstanding, theres not one in here I thought "eh", nope they are all fantastic.

And if the book alone weren't enough, there is a 33-minute instructional DVD.  You get to have a private lesson with Lisa as she walks you thru the tools, basic stamping techniques and gives you a special bonus jewelry project not included in the book.  I find it nice to watch how someone does a technique, especially if it's one I'm struggling to grasp.

I can't recommend this book highly enough, it's a wonderful book all around. If you are curious about stamping this is THE book to get.


Spirited Earth said...

another cool book to get for the growing jewelry book shelf.

CatHerder said...

i picked my copy up today..tried to order it from amazon..only to realize the ship date was late oct.-late dec...???? i went online to barnes and noble..and had them leave it at the desk..i was in and out...i spent 7.00 more than i would have on amazon...but who can wait!?...been on a serious hiatus from creating this past year..time to get back on the horse ..hope u r well!

Jean said...

great review Barbe and I really agree with you that this is a wondeful book!

xox jean