Thursday, August 05, 2010

Skipping thru August

Pardon the bad iPhone pic, I haven't uploaded pics from the camera yet. The SFIGF show is now done and I'm packing to get ready for Art Unraveled in Phoenix. The SFIGF did not go as well as we hoped. The attendence was REALLY down and the buyers that were there weren't spending much. A real indicator of how bad the economy is, but unless you spend $$$ its not going to get better for anyone!
Luckily, I had some amazing people around me and we all kept each others spirits up by joking and laughing. Next to me was Oilcloth Alley, Denise is a ball to hang out with and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of her creations. She sells the oil cloth by the yard too so check her out! Across from me was Unforgettable Vintage who sells high end/museum quality vintage and remakes. OMG- be still my heart!!!!!!! Denise has the most AMAZING stock ever!!!!!! We had a great time discussing vintage jewelry supply, vintage sellers and fashion. She is AMAZING!!!!! She'll be at the Vintage Fashion Expo in SF, this Sept be sure to stop by and drool all over her stuff!

I'm hoping Art Unraveled will be much better. I'll be vending at the sale on Sat (open to the public!) with lots of jewelry and some supplies from my stash such as sparkly crystals, steel filigree strips, chunky chain, enameled gears, art yarns, and assorted treasures.  I'm also teaching the Steampunk Ancient Futuristic Art Doll Class on Monday.
Ancient Futuristic Art Doll© Barbe Saint John

I still have room in the class for a few more people if you are thinking about it. Students  can sign up as late as morning of the class if you want to attend too!! I hope you do join us in some crusty rusty fun! I'll be trying to post from the event, so be on the lookout!


mairedodd said...

so sorry to hear that attendance was poor... it is discouraging... your class sounds wonderful - i am sure you are an incredible teacher... have fun!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hope you have a great Art Unraveled show, Barbe! BTW, I really love the red displays you have for your necklaces in the picture. Very Barbe-esque - love it!


Josh Healy said...

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