Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Perspective

The pretty view from my back porch, from wet winters in SF to snow in West Virginia!!!

2011 is going fast and furious, I can't believe its already the middle of the month.  My arrival here was "chaotic" to say the least but things are looking up now.   If I told you of everything that went wrong, you'd  never believe me. Its like the plot of some bad 'made for tv' movie! 

To give you a Cliff's Notes version of it all, when I arrived at my new apt, it was a complete shock and disappointment.  The photos I had seen before hid a MULTITUDE of sins( to put it mildly).  After a couple of hours in the place, I knew I couldn't stay there for any length of time let alone live there.   However, I was stuck there because my moving truck was coming the following morning.  I had to stay to get my stuff unloaded. After a horrible night, I thought "maybe I can stay for a couple of months then figure something else out", try to make it work for a while, etc....... That thought didn't last long LOL.  It went from bad to worse to "you have GOT to be kidding me, this isn't REALLY happening, is it???"  I know someday I'll laugh at it all, someday............not anytime soon though.

The straw that broke this camel's back was when I took Bettie out for her bedtime potty at 1am and coming home to a broken door knob that wouldn't unlock...... It was 28 degrees out and we were already cold from our walk.  I tried to break in and couldn't.  I about flipped out, here I am 1:30 am, no ones around, couldn't find a locksmith that was open, etc..... THANK GOD, my BFF was on duty that night.   I texted him saying "guess who's locked outside in the cold?", and he came over to rescue us.  He tried to unlock the door himself but even he couldn't get the stupid door open.  He stayed with us until the locksmith came (over an hour later!)  and Bettie and I got to sit in the police car and keep warm.  I am so grateful to him for doing that for me and owe him big time for it.

Finally about 3:20 am I was inside that apt, writing a $121.90 check for something I shouldn't have had to pay for.   Needless to say I was SO ready to get out. The next day I went out and got another apt.  I begged the owner to let me took it as is - uncleaned or painted, but I didn't care. I needed to move and I liked it the minute I walked in the door.  It is far from perfect, but feels SO much happier and homier in here.   My family rallied around and helped me move all my stuff for the 2nd time in a week.  I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had all the help and support I got from them all. 

I feel like I hit bottom with that first apartment so there is nowhere to go but UP from here! Its been cold and snowing and I'm enjoying it. When I'm outside, but I don't like feeling cold indoors.   There are so many things I need to replace, which is typical I guess after splitting up a household.  I didn't bring the microwave with me,and everyday I realize how much I used it. I left the iron and ironing board, the step stool, the 'good' knives, etc.....all stuff that will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Living alone is hard to get used to, and so is living without cats. I haven't lived without a cat for 25 yrs. It feels weird without one (or 5). 

Now that that is all behind me, I'm ready to take on 2011. I need to make my goals/intentions and plans for the year. There is so much I want to accomplish this year.   I've got a number of events I'm teaching at and a few I'm hoping to get into.  My first one is in a couple of weeks and I'm SOOO EXCITED about it!!!  I'll be in Tucson for the yearly bead, gem and mineral show,  preaching the gospel of  mixed media art at the Objects and Elements booth and teaching resin classes at the To Bead True Blue and Tuscan Bead Show.  I can not WAIT to go, its been on my 'wish list' of things to do for YEARS!!!


Old Fashion Halloween said...

Oh your family lives there is why you to WV? I haven't been keeping track of what happened after you were splitting up. Need to send you an e-mail. :0 )

Barbara Lewis said...

Barbe ... Where in West Virginia? I'm in the neighboring state of Maryland. Your move sounds dreadful, but that God you're around people who love you. Wait until the days start getting longer, the weather warms, and spring blooms ... this will always make you feel better. Moving in the winter sucks! unless you're moving to Florida! P.S. I'm at TBTB too! I'll seek you out!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Beautiful view! I'm sorry your move was bumpy :o( Glad you are all settled in and have loved ones around you. I hope 2011 is a fabulous year for you! Michele

baglady said...

happy to see a post from you again- it has been awhile. Things will get better for you- you are a stong woman! And you have Bette :)

Susan said...

I've been following your blog, love your work. I've been in the same spot after a split, moved cross country with several suitcases and nothing else. If it weren't for the generous kindness of friends I never would have made it. Just know that it all gets better with time. (once you get settled treat yourself to cat!)

HeArt Collective said...

i've missed you and now i miss you even more :)
happy settling in.

P.s. do you think its some sort of omen that my word verification word is stsin as in saint sin?