Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tucson Here I come with Ice Resin® in hand!

If you are going to Tucson for the Gem and Mineral Shows, Jane Sally and I are teaching ICE Resin® classes at the upcoming To Bead True Blue show.  The wholesale part of the show is Jan, 30-Feb 4, and the retail event (open to the general public) is Feb 5-7.

To Bead True Blue is just one of more than 20 wholesale and retail shows that are part of the amazing Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. The event takes over the city and turns it into a massive jewelry makers paradise.

My teaching schedule is:
 Jan 30, 31st from 6-9 p.m. Incorporating Resin into your Work for all skill levels.

Students will learn many different ways to use the new resins on the market. They will work with ICE Resin designed specifically for the jeweler. Techniques taught include mixing, pouring, curing, and a variety of ways to add color and texture. Students will also explore ways to use resin on paper and with organic objects, while learning many quick tips to make it fun and easy. Each student will make specific projects in class to gain hands-on experience.

Feb 2, from 6-9 p.m. Casting Call: Putting Your Resin Work Center Stage for all skill levels.

If you’ve fallen in love with ICE® Resin but are unsure how to get more creative with it this is the class for you. We’ll be taking ICE to the next level by making it dimensional. We’ll discuss what can be molded and duplicated; make push molds to create our cast resin pieces with. Students will learn proper handling and mixing of ICE® Resin, simple mold making, adding color, inclusions and embeds and finishing cured pieces. We’ll also talk about mistakes and problems that can occur and how to make sure they don’t happen in the first place. Student supply list: small objects to mold, small box with lid to take home your filled molds.

Jane will be teaching on Feb 3 from 6-9 p.m. Make Your Own Resin Filled Bezels for all skill levels.

Resin filled bezels are beautiful. Even the humblest of objects become a treasure when place in a bezel filled with the clear and durable ICE Resin Students will learn how to make their own bezels in sizes and depths. Techniques and skills covered in the class will include: mixing and pouring resin, coloration of resin, inclusions, using open back bezels, making your own bezels from everyday items and making bezel hangers. Students will leave the class with several resin filled bezels that will cure overnight and be ready to be proudly worn. Student Supply list: Interesting papers; Small items to be placed in bezels; Gallon size food storage bags-3; Apron. Tool list: Basic jewelry making tools will be needed, including round nose and flat nose pliers, files, wire cutters, small hammer. Optional: Decorative and letter metal stamps; Small bench block or anvil.

Our workshops are filling fast. If you are going to Tucson and have always wanted to learn how to work with resin, now is the time to sign up. Email your registration to

I'll also be working the Objects and Elements booth B20 with Cheri Lenart so please stop by and say hello!
We love to talk about mixed media creating and answer any of your ICE Resin® questions.


Jen Crossley said...

Beautiful Work Barab you classes will fill like hotcakes.

CatHerder said...

HI BARB havent been around in a long time decided to stop by...BEAUTIFUL work as always..i STILL have not done any work with resin...i really must try it looks fantastic. hope you are well...

Diana Schatzman said...

Love the resin filled bezels. I'd want to wear to or three of those fun colorful necklaces all at the same time. How fun and interesting!

SharePoint Intranet said...

Those are amazing dear!

Neil lane said...

Lovely, your work always leaves beautiful trace in my heart