Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What are U up to today? Wednesday Post

Here's a teaser for todays "What are U up to today?" post

I'm working on samples for a class proposal for 2012. My table is a huge mess right now, but I can only show you a wee tiny bit of what I'm working on.   I wish I could show you the finished products, but I have to wait to see if they are accepted or not.  I've finally finished them, and tomorrow have to take the photos, write up the proposals and send them off. That takes me as long as actually creating the samples. I'm looking forward to hitting that send button, so I can check one more thing off my to do list tomorrow.

So, What are you up to today?


Alice said...

Looks very interesting!

I just finished visiting with a few friends that I haven't see for a while, and ate the most amazing slice of cake.

mIzZ(hONeY)bEe that's ME aka mArLEnE said...

I joined the wednesday group too... wasn't as creative as I wanted to bee...wooo hoo on the classes for 2012....can't wait to meet you at "Art is ....U" have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams! ;O)

Denise said...

I want to take your class. I am sure you will let us know soon where you will be teaching? I love the class example.