Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What are U up to today? Wednesdays and Spring Cleaning Sale

My friend Jen Osborn had a brilliant idea last week called "What are U up to today?   The idea is that we can connect and learn more about each other by posting a photo of what we are working on today without having to commit to phone time.

What I'm doing today - dealing with an Amazon annoying.  I ordered some clear epoxy but that's not what I got.   I got 'translucent yellow", not what I wanted or can use.    So annoying since the packing is a different color and the packing slip CLEARLY says CLEAR in big bold letters on it....  I rarely have problems with Amazon and when I do its when it's an Amazon Merchant (like this)  Sigh....Really shouldn't complain, its only the 2nd time I've had a problem with Amazon and I've been buying thru them for years.... Just annoying when you planned on doing stuff with said epoxy the minute it arrived....  I usually get DevCon epoxy when I'm at a hardware store or order through Monsterslayer when I'm buying supplies.

While dealing with the Amazon return stuff,  I'm also cooking chicken for tamales. Oh, it smells SOOOO GOOD!!!  I'm going to do some vegetarian ones as well.  I'll do the wrapping and steaming tomorrow and then NOM NOM NOM!!  My BFF is coming over for lunch on Friday to help me eat some, and is very excited. 

I was also very productive  this weekend. I finally got a newsletter out to all my subscribers.  I am doing a bit of spring cleaning on the website with a Spring Cleaning Super Sale.  I was a jewelry making machine last spring and summer, getting ready for shows and building up inventory. I didn't get to do any shows in the fall because of "life", so have alot left over.  I want to get clean out and start to make new stuff for this year.   I'm also adding stuff to my Etsy Shop as well, want to clean out things I don't use to make room for more things I do use. I've got a lot of things to put up, and trying to do a few every couple of days.

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