Saturday, April 02, 2011

"Explore, Create, Resinate" by Jen Cushman Book Review

As promised, my long overdue book review of "Explore, Create, Resinate".  

 With "Explore, Create, Resinate" author Jen Cushman has created an "essential cookbook" for working with ICE Resin®, a jewelers grade 2 part epoxy resin.   In addition to being a mixed media artist and writer, Jen is currently the Director of Education and Marketing for ICE Resin®, Susan Lenart Kazmer. She's also the author of "Art Choses You", a new art marketing column for Belle Armoire Jewelry and a contributing editor for Create Mixed Media.

A lot of jewelry artists love resin but are hesitant to start working with it because they are afraid its too complicated.  "Explore, Create, Resinate" will help you successfully make gorgeous jewelry in no time.  In the book, Jen tells you about what makes ICE different from the other "craft" resins on the market, how to properly mix, pour, color and embed using ICE Resin®.  She also goes over how to deal with "mistakes" that can happen and how to fix them.  Also in the book are a number of gorgeous projects, lots of step out photos and clear instructions.

Each project has examples from the ICE Resin®, Susan Lenart Kazmer Design Team, (Kecia Deveney, Deryn Mentock, Kristen Robinson, Jane Salley and me!).  These extra photos show you what you can do with ICE and inspire you to have fun with resin.

If you can't take a class with a certified ICE Resin® instructor, this book will help you work successfully with resin at home.  This book is a great book for anyone who is curious about working with ICE Resin®. as well as those who are looking for extra guidance and inspiration with their resin work.  I have worked with many epoxy resins, and ICE is the only one that has not yellowed, turned soft or brittle over the years.     You can order Explore, Create, Resinate: Mixed Media Techniques using ICE Resin the ICE Resin® website


Christina Allen Page said...

I've been using Ice Resin for about a year now, but I just bought the book. I hope it can inspire me in my new mixed media projects!

Nancy Lynn said...

This book is absolutely wonderful. I own it and look at it all the time.

If you ever have a chance to take a class from Barbe, just go for it. In fact, I took three classes from her at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and loved working with Ice Resin and the results you get. She is a great teacher and I had so much fun.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Christina: I hope it will inspire you too! If you have any questions, you are always welcome to email me and I'll help you.

Nancy: Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad I got to meet you in Tuscon and that you loved your classes.

kecia said...

it's a great book - very educational and step by step. an easy read and not the type of book where you get overwhelmed with distracting information. goes through all the applications and more!


Kerin said...

I can hardly wait for my copy to get here-- especially after hearing what you think of it. The ICE Resin is so awesome and there is nothing quite as fun as playing around with wondrous art materials. : )