Friday, April 08, 2011

What are U up to today? Wednesday post and Flat Nose Pliers Review

OOPS! I had written up this post on Wed and though I had it scheduled to publish at 8pm. I was just looking at the blog and noticed it wasn't up so I checked. Silly me, I had it was scheduled for April 8. Need to make sure I check the date next time I schedule a post LOL.   I'm a couple of days behind, but since I'm still working on jewelry I figured it was still valid so here it is.
So what am I working on today????? I'm sitting at work table, with a big pot of decaf English Breakfast tea at the ready and working on getting some new things together to send to one of my fave boutiques.

I have seemed to have left my creativity and my muse back in San Francisco.......It has been so hard for me to feel creative and CREATE since moving here. Of course, the constant stress and struggles haven't helped and neither has the lack of storage/organization in my studio. However, as a single woman living alone and trying to eek out a living with her artwork I can't let it stop me. Excuses do NOT pay the bills so I have to make myself do the work I need to do.  
I also got some new pliers yesterday and wanted to let you all know about them.

Tool Review:   I can't find some tools since I moved, like my decent flat nose pliers. WHERE they went is anyone's guess, and why they weren't in the drawer with the other pliers is beyond me....also missing is my very expensive Lindstrom cutters I use just for sterling...urrrggghh!  anyway,  I got tired of using the cheapy flat nose ones I could find so I ordered a couple of pair from Monster Slayer.   Monster Slayer is my "never let me down" jewelry supply mail order company.  Their prices are excellent, they ship everything super quick and they have a wide selection of metals, tools and supplies. 
They have a number of flat nose pliers in various price points.  I chose these two pair because they were heavy duty and had longer handles. There are at the bottom of the pliers page.

They come in Narrow and Wide widths, so I got one of each to try them out.  For an inexpensive ( only $7.50) pair of pliers, they are really really nice quality. They have a good "weight" to them, and the foam handles are a plush as "Wubbers".   And I LOVE the handle length- almost 6 1/2" long.  I'm a Amazon and have proportionately larger hands than the average woman.    Using pliers with 4 inch handles are uncomfortable because dig into my palms as I'm working.  These are a dream to work with.  I am very very happy with them, and will order another pair soon.

If you are looking for some good flat nose pliers under $10 a pair, these are the ones to get. 

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