Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's too damn sultry in here.

Remember that quote from "Throw Momma from the Train"?  I've wilted from the heat and humidity.  Its been my mantra the last couple of day and the next 2 days are going to be worse.  I don't have central air and only 3 of the 12 windows in my 2nd floor apt don't open.....As bad as I feel, I really worry for my animals.   My elderly cat has taken to sleeping in the shower, and Bettie looks as miserable as I feel.  Its impossible to do anything. I thought about a window air conditioner but this apt is large with 12ft ceilings....and the electric bill would be insane.  Instead I'm going to use my misery to fuel me to look for a new apartment this week.  

And what day did I decide to go to the flea market this week? If you guessed today, give yourself a gold star. I woke up later than I had planned and even with the hour drive I made it up there around 8:30.  It was pretty muggy then and just got worse. I took my red silk parasol so I didn't get burnt or sunstroke and it elicited quite a few stares from people.   I don't think I've ever been to a flea market in California where there weren't at least 8 ladies toting parasols. But then again, I have to keep reminding myself "I'm not in California anymore."

It was a good flea market but next time I'll get there by 7am.  The crowd was already heavy by the time I got there which made looking difficult.  The junk jewelry selection was sad and over priced so all I got were some watches to tear apart, a metal industrial box with 3 drawers in it, a pretty tarnished silver mesh bag  and a gorgeous turquoise enameled trinket bowl for my vanity. The main thing that made slogging through the sun and humidity  worth it all were a couple of small embossed photo albums with a few 40's thru 60's of African American photos inside. 

Ethnic vintage photos are hard to come by, and I was absolutely chuffed to find this little stash of them.  I  can't wait to go through them all this week and scan them so I can start using them in my work. 

Now onto this week's Bead Bloggers links!


Old Fashion Halloween said...

What an amazing find! Tips for keeping cats cool
We have used the frozen water bottle trick and I have gel packs you soak and they cool using evaporation. Like those bandana thing people weather.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Ugh I feel for you - we have air but it costs an arm and a leg to run it. I have forbidden turning it on for now and it's been disgusting : P. I love that movie throw Mama from the Train although I always quote the " Holy @&^$#* Louie Armstrong is trying to KILL MER!!!" line - nothing wrong with wiping those kitties down so they are damp! There are also things called " chinchilla chillers" you can get at the pet supply it's actually a small slab of granite that chinchilla's cool themselves on small and not too pricey!

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

THE HEAT!!! UGH! It's going to be HOT this week in NYC, 97 they say, and muggy, blahhh!
As one who knows about pets who seek refuge in the shower to sleep- here are some helpful ideas for you to try in case you've not found a new place yet.
Get yourself some ziplock freezer bags and freeze water in 'em.- fill them 3/4ths of the way and if you have a tin or plastic bowl, you can place the ice in front of a fan. It's like air conditioning where ever the fan is blowing! You can place ice bags under a large metal pan covered in a thin towel for the cat to sleep on. Or even put the ice bags in a small tented area over some sort of plastic, glass or metal container under a towel to lay on. My rabbit loved it! My dog loved it! Adding ice to the water dish helps too.

Stay cool!