Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cleaning, Letting Go and Reminiscing

It's been a beautiful and COOL couple of days, and the perfect time to tackle some chores I've put off because of the heat.  Yes, I lead an exciting life can't you tell?  My first task was cleaning the bedroom carpet.  I borrowed my Mother's Bissell ProHeat 2x and it works better than any steamer I've ever rented. If the next place I live has carpet, I definately have to buy one of these for myself.  You can do upholstery with it too, so I'll be cleaning the love seat and chair tonight.  

 My second task was updating my website a bit. I'm putting some fresh jewelry stock into REDUX, and got back my older stock like Royal Blue, a pretty Marie Antoinette themed necklace.

I've also been feeling the need for a clean slate...or a cleaner slate at least.  I don't have much in the way of storage in my studio and don't want to buy any until I move.  Things are piled in boxes and plastic drawers all around me and its a bit chaotic.  I also want to get rid of stuff I'm not using and know I won't be using anymore. I also have a lot of jewelry I made for shows, book & class samples and magazine projects. Last year I made a lot but didn't take photos or update my website as I should have...Now my procrastination is haunting me with all these boxes of items sitting here.  So I've also been photoing stuff to put on eBay and my Etsy shops. 
While going thru things, I come across this necklace I made for a class proposal that wasn't accepted.3 or so years ago.   I have a stack of class samples that weren't accepted, but this is one of my favorites. 

I called the class "Channeling Calder" and it was making jewelry in the style of Alexander Calder with wire and found objects. I think I also had a pin, a ring and another necklace samples for the class. 

I  have always wondered why this proposal was turned down every time I submitted it.  Maybe it was just to "primitive" for the event organizers to think anyone would want to learn it at the time, or maybe its just ugly?  I don't know, but I think it could have been a really fun class. 

Anyway, I've taken a ton of photos that I now need to edit then list.  I'll do that task later tonight and thru the week. My task at hand this afternoon is sewing related. All my clothing is for temperate weather- short sleeves, medium weight fabric, etc..... I have nothing for the heat/humidity of the Midwest. Out of all my vintage dresses I only have four sundresses. FOUR!!!  Since I've gained weight this winter munching on carbs, three of them don't fit (great!)  and the fourth had dead elastic shirring that needed replaced. Desperate times call for desperate actions so I tackled my fear of shirring last weekend and fixed that dress. I also had so much fun, I made a new sundress too (I'll do a seperate blogpost on that).  I want to make some others but need the next hurdle is to master the Full Bust Adjustment  so that they actually fit without the back being huge and arm hole gaping.  I've put off learning it for too long because its time consuming to copy then cut bodice pieces. The reason for doing it in the first place you ask? All patterns are a B cup (regardless if they are a size 2 or 22) and I'm DDD. Anyway, that's a story for another blog post.  Now onto some great jewelry blog reading with this weeks Bead Bloggers! Jewelry Making 
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Pretty Things said...

Well I think it's gorgeous -- AND I got my bracelet and I am THROUGH THE MOON! I am so incredibly honored and thrilled. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

~*Oh that looks cool Barbe! I love the shaping and colors!*~

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Lori and I'm so happy you like your bracelet!!! I found a "before" pic and put it up on that original post, if you are curious as to what it was before it became your Rockstar bracelet!

Thanks Amber!!!

Kathy said...

How have I missed your blog? huh? But I am here now and following you...Missy!
Love the jewelry, btw....

Sherry Smyth said...

I can't figure out why this would have been refused for a class's certainly not "ugly" and I think it's got a lot of character. Maybe it was just meant for you to keep???

Glad you've had cooler weather to be able to do some of that leave the cleaning and get back to creating!!! xo