Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Treasures from Andrew's Bead Stash and Inspiration Mondays at ICE

Jewelry Alchemy Class Copyright 2009 Barbe Saint John

I've been VERY lazy the past few days-  VERY lazy!!!! I honestly can't say I have done did anything really constructive other than slightly clean up my studio. And you know what? I'm ok with that!

I did want to fully clean the room but it didn't happen. I did alter some clothing, hit the little thrift store,  went up to Pittsburgh for the day on Saturday, but I did nothing that took a lot of brain cells. I want to work on some new jewelry pieces but I'm not feeling inspired, and that's a bit depressing.   Also, I got hit with "copy cat" situation this week that is making me not feel so thrilled with life.  It's very SAD that people feel the need to take from others. They think they are getting away with it, but guess what- they aren't fooling anyone. IF it truly is a case of extreme similiarity, I apologize but I kinda doubt it is.   If I'm so creative that you have to take my idea, then that's really YOUR problem not mine.  It would be easy to get into a war over it but I don't want to feed into the negative energy of it, its not worth it.  I'm trying to put my focus on my OWN path in life and create joy, not hate and bitterness.

While taking my weekend of rest, I have been spending some time catching up on my blog reading and looking at Pinterest. I love Pinterest, it's like diving into visual wonderland. If you haven't joined up, you should!  One of the blogs I got caught up on is my friend Andrew's blog.   I wanted to share this fantastic destash sale,  He created a bunch of  gorgeous little $10 lots of beads. Look at this photo!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo copyright Andrew Thornton 2011

Makes me want to jump in and roll around in them all!!!! Be sure to follow Andrew's blog, he always has great posts of his own work, fantastic giveaways and more fun stuff. 

I'm also getting caught up on reading ICE Resin Inspiration Mondays blog posts. Karen does a fantastic job every week coming up with some really incredible art work to look at.  She is a wonderful curator and her collections of inspiration really blow me away.  Thank you Karen for sharing your inspirations with all us!


Pretty Things said...

I'm so sorry you're dealing with the copycat situation. I have to admit, I'm freaking out a little at Andrew's picture, because this weekend I'd planned to put together my Bead Soup packages for a bead show in August -- similar idea! Now I'm kind of cringing. I don't want anyone to think I saw that and a week later suddenly my blog has a photo of all these Bead Soup packets. I never know what to do in those cases.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Lori, I think your Bead Soup packages will be great! I don't think anyone would think you are copying Andrew doing that.

In the case of destashing, everyone at some point has put together packages of goodies so no one will think you are copying him. I know Andrew wouldn't think that way. It would be different if you remade a bracelet like his and sold it as your own design or took a class with him then taught it as your own-that would be cringe worthy! But you aren't doing that so its ok. I have a few mixed lots in my own Etsy site right now and more to make. People LOVE mixed lots-its like a treasure hunt. Go for it, and let us all cyber drool on your goodies too! ♥