Saturday, July 02, 2011

Spinning Silver Scrap into Rio Grande Credit

Did you know you can send your scrap sterling and PMC/Art Clay Silver to Rio Grande and get $$$ or credit?? Neither did I, and you can take cash or get higher percentage in store credit!  

I have a small jar that I've been putting in bits of wire, tiny scraps of sterling sheet, etc...into for years..... With silver being high, I decided it was a good time to cash it in.  I went on Google to look for a place and saw that Rio Grande has a scrap recycling program. They take sterling, as well as fired PMC, fine silver, gold, gold plate, palladium and platinum.  I had a a bunch of really ugly PMC beads I made years ago at classes thru Shepardess.  I as much as I wanted to love working with it, I have no talent for it. Seriously, my work was BAD!!!! I couldn't use 80% of the things I made with it and had a nice bag of that to send in as well.   Well lemme tell you - all those TINY bits of wire really added up!  I got store credit and was able to get myself this lovely new Pepe Dapping set!

I really wanted to get a new disc cutter, but they didn't have the one I REALLY wanted so new dapping punches it was.  I've put my old and well loved smaller set on Etsy  for cheap. I hope a new jewelry maker or metal worker will continue to use them for many more years to come.    I need to get busy and put more into my destash shop. I have truly got lazy with it!

Other good news, I 'found' an airline voucher I got last year for getting bumped on a flight. I had TOTALLY forgotten about it!  It was about to expire so I decided to use it to go to CHA in a couple of weeks! Now I just have to line up sleeping arrangements and I"m set LOL.  So if any of your are going to be there, lemme know!

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Pretty Things said...

I got my disk cutter that way!!!