Friday, August 19, 2011

Creating Dark Beauties with B'Sue Components

What I thought was a bad cold last week turned out to be the flu....EVERYONE seems be sick right now, weird for so early in August.  I've been barely able to do anything, but I had to put together my bead soup stuff and get that sent out. My little package of beads are off to Anna and I hope she likes it all!!!

Also I really wanted to make some things with the gorgeous Rusty Black components Brenda from B'Sue Boutiques sent me last week to play with that I told you all about. .
black filigree

I love this finish!!! You can use a sunshine cloth to take off a little of the black and expose the copper underneath. I used a scotchbrite on some because you all know I LOVE copper. Since they are all dark and Halloween is coming I created a trio of delightfully dark necklaces.  The first is Baby Moth Man necklace.

I LOVE this big butterfly/moth stamping and the chunky filigree bell/bead caps. I added a cast Frozen Charlotte doll I made and colored it all some Gilders Paste in Patina. (note to self-get more gilders paste in all colors!). 
I used some beadchain I found at Walmart of all places. It's almost the perfect match to the Gilders Paste Patina color. Because its so big, I used a big industrial lobster clasp. 

Second necklace is "Things that go bump in the Night".  I took this Victorian stamping and used the scotchbrite on it to bring up alot of the copper color, then polished it with the sunshine cloth. 

I made this cast resin cabochon about 7 yrs ago and could never find the "right" thing to do with it-until this week.  I added it to a vintage brass bezel setting and used micro screws to attach it to the stamping. 

Ghost Necklace
I created beadchain with dark purple AB crystals, added a couple of yummy caramel glass beads and bits of chain as jump rings.

The third necklace is "Haunted Ferris Wheel"  
Haunted Ferris Wheel Necklace
For this one, I really wanted to keep it dark so I left the component as is. I added a resin piece I made of a Victorian era Ferris Wheel in a vintage black plastic setting. 

Haunted Ferris Wheel Necklace
Sinee my energy was fading the day I made this, its a little more simple than the other too but just as pretty IMHO.  I had a few dusky grey AB crystals that matched the hue of the photo perfectly.  I added the 2 gorgeous Rusty Black bell caps along with a couple of bead caps  from my own collection that I aged.  Add some gunmetal chain along with a lobster clasp and VOILA!  I also started a "Face in the Wind Mill" necklace but only got as far as the focal.
Ghostly Windmill Necklace
I colored the Wind Mill pendant a deep purple and resined over it. I wish I had had Gilders Past in this color, it would have been a lot quicker.  I removed almost all the black color from a filigree disc and added a cast resin Frozen Charlotte head.  I pulled out these dusky plum crystals to add too it. I will finish it next week, I want to find some tulip beads to go with it.

I hope you enjoyed viewing  my B'Sue components as much as I enjoyed working with them!  Go to the website to see the Rusty Black collection!


Heidi said...

What delightfully creepy pieces! I love the baby mothman!

Juanita Burton said...

They are great. Really like the rusty black pieces. LOVE all of necklaces. I think I'm torn between the Baby MOth Man and the Ferris Wheel for me tho. or maybe the ... oh I can't make up my mind. Great pieces for having the Flu all week!

Anonymous said...

These are all great!! I'm loving the ferris wheel. And the colors on the mothman are perfect!!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

thanks girls!! The baby Moth Man is so cute but at the same time really a statement piece. He is 4 inches wide, and the color is so yummy!

Beetique said...

I love the mothman colors but liked all your other creations also.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

The micro screws intrigue me though...

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

~*Barbe, you did pretty well for being a sick, gal while working!
The details you created are so nice to look at and admire!

Great job(s)!

Thank you for sharing the dark goodies from Brenda!
They're inspiring!*~

mairedodd said...

agreed, super productive for someone so sick! these are great... i love how each one has its own feel - how you played with the finish (and now made me want to get some gilderspaste!) ... that one bezel you said you had for a while, isn't it great when they find their home?
feel better -

troods said...

Bsue's stuff are so inspiring and your creations are incredible. I'm inspired by you both. And you with the flu, no less......creative juices are stimulated even with the bug. Amazing. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Silver Charm Bracelet said...

Very nice designs...windmill which may not have been thought of being a pendant theme is looking good in the theme and color.

JeannieK said...

Holy Smokes! Gasp! I saw these on B'sue's Blog and I was blown away. I love the deep purple on "Face in the Mill" You have such a artist vision.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

thanks everyone! I can't sit still even when I'm sick! I'll gather a tray of wire and beads and beadwrap in bed if I can do nothing else

Pretty Things said...

I wish I had this kind of insight!