Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mystery of the Missing Blog Post

There's been more than a fair share of weirdness this weekend here at Casa Saint John, including a couple of missing blog posts!

I had posted the book giveaway winner as well as a "whats on the work bench today"..and neither post are on the blog and both have vanished from the dashboard................. Very Curious!

Anyway, to recap- the winner of Margot Potters wonderful book-Lucid Moon Studios! Contact me with your addy so I can get it out to you this week!

As for stuff on the workbench, here's a few photos

and one of my fave necklaces "Wanton Woman" that I thought got stolen last year, turned up inside the box I keep displays!


Alice said...

Blogger has sure been frustrating these past few months. For a long time now I haven't been able to see my followers widget or the followers widgets of other blogs. Also, I can't even see my followers in my dashboard. Blogger is either ignoring my pleas for help, or have closed all messages of bloggers who have the same issue. Blehhhh.

I just love that first necklace. That pendant is gorgeous! I'm so glad you found your long-lost Wanton necklace!

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

it IS being weird! And I had the same problem with that blogger widget. I removed it, shut off the computer then re added it the next day. Seemed to work (knock wood!)

Thank you for your compliments on the necklaces too!

punkt A said...

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