Friday, September 09, 2011

Destination: Creativity and QR Codes with Ricë Freeman-Zachery

 Ricë's  new book, Destination: Creativity--The Life-Altering Journey of the Art Retreat, is shipping this week. It's the very first book about mixed media art retreats, and it's a wonderful glimpse at the magic that happens at these retreats.  If you've never been to a big art retreat, this book will have you setting up a saving account and clearing your schedule so you can attend one as soon as possible!

In this book,  Ricë and EGE (Ever Gorgeous Earl) travel across the country, documenting the creativity at some of the best retreats around.  Not only do you get to see some of the faces behind the names, but there are also projects in this book.   Ricë even made a little book trailer movie with photo's from their art  journey.  Watching it made me smile, seeing all the people I only get to see at the retreats and remembering all the fun that was had.

She also made a QR Code movie for people to watch with their smart phones!

And speaking of QR codes, if you don't really know what they are Ricë and Jen Cushman just did a podcast about them. 
Jen and Rice

I'm pretty sure that spoon noses are not a requirement of creating or using a QR code, but its a cute photo of the girls!   QR codes have been popular in Japan for years, but are only recently catching on in this country because the integration of camera's in smart phones in the US.  Anyway, you can listen to the podcast HERE.    You will need to install a QR Code reader app on your phone. I use I-nigma on my iPhone, but there are other apps for other smart phones.  

Jen has a QR tag, which is different than a QR Code and requires a QR tag reader.  She suggest the Get Tag app, and I need to get this on my phone as well.   You can also read more about Jen on her website, her blog and her column at Creative Mixed Media.

And, yes I have a code too for a few months but really haven't done anything fun with it!  My QR code is here:


HeArt Collective said...

can you believe i have NEVER been to an art retreat? there is on happening up in Petaluma RIGHT now! and i'm here at home teaching lexee and then we're going on a mother/daughter camping trip...

the in person artful connections will have to wait, but sooooooonnnnnnn


Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

oh my stars Ms Julee, that needs to change!! you would love it so much! Yes, Art is YOU is in Petaluma this month and that would have been fun for you! I can't believe there is one in the Bay Area one AFTER I move away boo hoo!