Friday, October 07, 2011

I've been promoted and other good news.

As you know, I recently started working at ICE Resin as the customer service rep. I absolutely LOVE it. I love doing customer service, answering questions and helping people. In addition to that, I have recently been promoted to being Susan's Assistant, which is even more awesome! 

 I am now helping her with all sorts of things from organizing the office, helping hire new employees, researching sources, trade show coordination, etc...  Once I move I'll also be able to help with bench work and creating prototypes for production.  An Assistant's job is varied and you never know what you will be doing next-which also makes is very exciting and never boring.

Add to that, I get to work with the most awesome people in the world-I feel so very blessed to have this opportunity.  I've worked many many years on building my jewelry making, creativie and artistic skills to get to this point.   All of that hard work has finally paid off in the fact I get to assist someone I've admired and called friend for years, and I get to work with a group of absolutely AMAZING women. 

And other great thing has happened-I am going to be a Mother again!  Ok, that's a tease-I'm not pregnant, I'm adopting two rescue cats.  

Meet Ethan (Sphynx) and Bo (Bombay/Burmese mix), they are just over a year old. They are BFF's and a bonded pair that had to be adopted together.  This is the PERFECT match for us- we had planned on getting two cats when we moved, and one of them was going to be black. Black cats are the last to find homes in shelters, but they are the smartest most lovable ones!   I've wanted a Sphynx for years but never saw one that needed re-homed.  Finding both a black kitty and a hairless kitty together is a miracle and MEANT TO BE!!!! 

Hopefully we  will be able to pick them up this weekend.   I am so excited to have kitties again. Bettie would prefer to stay the only child but I'm sure she'll get used to them in no time.  


In the Light of the Moon said...

Omy gosh Big Big Congrats to you..I know exactly what you mean about being thankful for the opportunity..I feel that way with the creative team...for me,its a first step,for you,like you said,all your hard work is paying off.A super big Congrats to you!!Hugs,Cat

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

Thanks Cat!! I sat on my bed the other day, and said "I feel like the luckiest jewelry artist in the world right now!!! I am so happy to be included in the ICE Family in this way.

I am so happy for you new team members!!! I remember way back when, when I was asked to be on the team and I was like "are you KIDDING me? is this for REAL!??" I know you'll love being in the family and we love having you!

puckish02 said...

Congrats about the job and THANK YOU for rescuing the cats! They are awesome. Can't wait to see pics of them in their new home!

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

It's WONDERFUL & FABULOUS to read about such FANTASTIC things taking place after so much dreary "blah"!!!!!!!
Can you feel me beaming a happy smile at you?!
I AM!!!!